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  1. daveoh added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    Why not make the frontend licence expired notice dismissible? little cookie placed in your browser and all is good.....could then let us use the same cookie dismissible notices code  that could also be used to say hello to your members or even cookie consent for example 
    Full of good ideas me.
  2. daveoh added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Notification for new report comments
    This is a request for the lovely developers, I would like to request that you code in a nice little notification for when a new comment by a moderator has been made on reported content.
    I'm lazy, like really lazy and this would help save me from manually checking the report for new comments and allow me more time watching daytime TV.
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  3. daveoh added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Cookie Consent (again, sorry!)
    I know this has been done to death and I remember reading the reasons why you were reluctant to add cookie consent although I can't find the topic now. I have just received this email from Google....it would be really really reaaally nice of you if you could include something within the software for us Adsense users. Pretty please. 

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  4. daveoh added a post in a topic Bought software refused!   

    ​Free 7 day cruise for us plus our partners round the caribbean with every renewal
  5. daveoh added a post in a topic Ckeditor: Force to paste as plain text   

    CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteAsPlainText = true;

  6. daveoh added a post in a topic Ajax pagination, how to disable?   

    You don't need it anymore there's a setting now under the theme custom tab. The plugin had bugs as well
  7. daveoh added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Feature Request: Click to expand quotes
    Could be totally on my own here but thought I'd put it out there, on my site we get some really really long posts which members quote sometimes 2 or 3 times on the same page, when you are on your mobile especially your thumb gets a good old workout. Idea stolen from Xenforo but click to expand quote or anything similar which limits the chars in quotes is something I really would love to see on IPB and I know my thumb would really appreciate it as well. Might even be a simple CSS trick some lovely member will put forward.....
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  8. daveoh added a post in a topic Just wanted to say....   

    Mark Wade is my favourite, deserves a pay rise that man does! 
  9. daveoh added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Just wanted to say....
    Thank you, I love IPB 4 and once those pesky editor bugs are fixed you guys are on to something special here, no other forum software comes close.
    Customer service is also right up there with the best, so helpful keeping me updated on where you are with bugs and fixing issues I've had through the later RC's.
    Can I also say that not only are you all super clever and amazingly talented but what handsome men you all are having seen the staff pic in the off topic forum.
    P.S can somebody take a look at ticket 914716, pretty please, just my sites been offline now almost 24hrs  
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  10. daveoh added a post in a topic 4.0.3 is out, hows your experience with the upgrade?   

    Broken CSS again on initial install, fixed through the support tab as usual. Other than that seems fine, quick update and not noticed any new problems which is rare with the updates recently  
  11. daveoh added a post in a topic Ajax pagination, how to disable?   

    Don't suppose theres an update or has anyone figured it out?
    Desperately need this for my site, a plugin was posted in another topic for me but now it's stopping the Submit Reply button from working properly at times.
    With Ajax enabled I have iPad and mobile users complaining the forum is too slow and I have to disable the ad slot under the first post which creates the most revenue as navigating through topic pages stops the topic loading in Chrome without refreshing the page each time. 
    With Ajax disabled I have post button randomly appearing not to work, post doesn't slide up and sits there in the editor so it looks like it's not posted but it really has so I'm getting duplicate posts. 
  12. daveoh added a post in a topic Please bring back plain text for mobile/tablets (or at least an option)   

    Maybe didn't explain properly what I meant, disabling the wysiwyg mode, how it was in 3.4.7....where it worked.

  13. daveoh added a post in a topic Please bring back plain text for mobile/tablets (or at least an option)   

    I know you can edit the toolbar but I'm not seeing any plain text option, only html source which isn't the same thing.
    Can also change the skin which I've done as the default sometimes either puts in a large cursor which triggers notify replies button or sends the member back to the previous page. 
  14. daveoh added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Please bring back plain text for mobile/tablets (or at least an option)
    Pretty please, an option in the admin panel or if not is it possible to change the CK Editor, if so how?
    Even starting this topic on an iPad the editor didn't load first time round, after refresh too 3 or 4 taps to get started.
    This editor doesn't play nice at all with mobiles and tablets, desktop great (apart from a pain to clear quotes) I'm having no end of complaints, not sure how many more times I can respond with refresh the page, almost emailed myself earlier to complain it's that bad. 
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