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  1. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.0.8 Poll show results
    When "Users can view the results before voting?" is disabled and you click show results on a poll, after accepting the vote forfeit message the poll just disappears. When enabled you can can see the results and switch back to the voting options fine
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  2. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.0.8 Delete leaves empty page
    If a post takes a topic to page 2 and you delete that post, page 2 still shows as being there, go to that page and says sorry cannot find posts. If you hide a post in that thread then unhide it that will refresh the thread and remove the extra page
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  3. daveoh added a comment [4.0.8] Upgrade: Column 'index_title' cannot be part of FULLTEXT index   

    Have this as well, is there any instructions on how to make this change? have a ticket open (918661) but awaiting reply, stuck now in maintenance mode  
  4. daveoh added a post in a topic Bought software refused!   

    ​Free 7 day cruise for us plus our partners round the caribbean with every renewal
  5. daveoh added a post in a topic Ckeditor: Force to paste as plain text   

    CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteAsPlainText = true;

  6. daveoh added a post in a topic Ajax pagination, how to disable?   

    You don't need it anymore there's a setting now under the theme custom tab. The plugin had bugs as well
  7. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.0.61 IP address sorting
    When you go to (see all) IP addresses, most recently used is highlighted although it's not showing them in that order, if you click any of the sorting options it brings up a list of members instead of sorting that user by the option you selected

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  8. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.0.6 Hidden posts in topic issue
    If you have a topic with multiple pages containing hidden posts, when entering the topic you won't see the latest posts as they are made. Homepage and within a board will say latest post 5 minutes ago although when you open it the last post will be 3 hours ago for example. 
    If you wait 30 seconds the show replies popup appears, bring the replies up, exit the topic and reopen and they are not there again.
    Remove all hidden posts and all replies show again fine.
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  9. daveoh added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Feature Request: Click to expand quotes
    Could be totally on my own here but thought I'd put it out there, on my site we get some really really long posts which members quote sometimes 2 or 3 times on the same page, when you are on your mobile especially your thumb gets a good old workout. Idea stolen from Xenforo but click to expand quote or anything similar which limits the chars in quotes is something I really would love to see on IPB and I know my thumb would really appreciate it as well. Might even be a simple CSS trick some lovely member will put forward.....
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  10. daveoh added a comment 4.0.4 long quote bug in the editor using iPad in landscape   

    Just to add I can also replicate on this forum as well

  11. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.0.4 long quote bug in the editor using iPad in landscape
    This has just been reported to me by a member which I have been able to replicate.
    Using an iPad in landscape mode, if you quote a large post then minimise the keyboard, move the page up a bit to read the quote again and back down you can't place the cursor under the quote anymore, the quote fills the editor box and doesn't allow you to scroll to place the cursor to start typing below. 
    If you don't minimise the keyboard, move the page up and down again, the quote will fill the editor again appearing not to be able to place the cursor again but you can see the cursor is there behind Notify me of replies, if you just start posting it will move the quote up and the typing will start.
    Attached a video incase this makes no sense
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  12. daveoh added a post in a topic Just wanted to say....   

    Mark Wade is my favourite, deserves a pay rise that man does! 
  13. daveoh added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Just wanted to say....
    Thank you, I love IPB 4 and once those pesky editor bugs are fixed you guys are on to something special here, no other forum software comes close.
    Customer service is also right up there with the best, so helpful keeping me updated on where you are with bugs and fixing issues I've had through the later RC's.
    Can I also say that not only are you all super clever and amazingly talented but what handsome men you all are having seen the staff pic in the off topic forum.
    P.S can somebody take a look at ticket 914716, pretty please, just my sites been offline now almost 24hrs  
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  14. daveoh added a post in a topic 4.0.3 is out, hows your experience with the upgrade?   

    Broken CSS again on initial install, fixed through the support tab as usual. Other than that seems fine, quick update and not noticed any new problems which is rare with the updates recently  
  15. daveoh added a comment [4.0.0] Responsive Advertisements in after first post causes page load errors   

    It's in 4.0.2 under the custom tab in edit theme