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  1. Saw in another thread to mark all threads read, did that and it's super quick now for me on this site
  2. It's just as slow for me now as it has since Activity Streams arrived on here, fine with my own site and had no complaints
  3. I advise you to remove "share by email"

    You don't need to use a robots.txt either do you? System > Search Engine Optmisation > Meta Tags Add the URL's robots noindex That's what I've been doing anyhow
  4. Disable content embedding

    I'm not the only one to wonder how they survived the 3.4 feature cut then, curious if anyone ever uses them at all
  5. Windows or Mac?

    4 Years ago I had a play on my friends Mac. The rest is history.  (Photo taken on a iPhone 6 obviously)
  6. Retina forum icons

    I agree would be nice but the chances of these 2 templates being changed during upgrades are slim so you're pretty safe editing these templates 
  7. Editor still blows chunks for quoting

    Install this plugin to give users a one click clear editor.... http://ckeditor.com/addon/newpage I've had the same issues and this is gone down great with members. IPS should look at adding it as default but changing the icon to a trash can rather than the blank page
  8. Retina forum icons

    Upload icons twice the size you want, then in forums > front > index > forumRow line 8 {{if $forum->icon}} <img src="{file="$forum->icon" width="ADD WIDTH" extension="forums_Icons"}" class='ipsItemStatus ipsItemStatus_custom {{if !\IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $forum ) && !$forum->redirect_on}}ipsItemStatus_read{{endif}}'> {{else}} Add the width of half the icon size. Do this with the logo as well, upload a logo twice the size then in core > front > global > logo line 3 <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><img src="{$logo}" width='ADD WIDTH' height='ADD HEIGHT' alt='{setting="board_name" escape="true"}'></a> I've done this myself at http://dcfcfans.uk
  9. Seems pointless having a unread content link for guests? a bit like the early days of 4.0 when Activity stream link was still there even when disabled. Either that or have a more friendly message that encourages guests to sign up and have the ability to follow threads more easily with an account.
  10. Activity Stream - can't return to departure point

    Agreed, it also creates another issue and I hate to bang on about it but on mobile/tablet if you miss press the unread post dot and click the link instead you have to go thorough the entire thread looking for the unread line, If this is a 10+ page thread it can be a real pain in the..... I have threads which are 50+ pages long and my memory isn't good enough to remember the page I'm on in each topic. If you press or swipe back the stream reloads and the thread has gone from the stream. Wasn't an issue in the old VNC, annoying still but would it would be still there if you swiped back and you could try again. 2 suggestions would be not to reload the page when you hit back as the OP suggested, also add a unread posts link next to start new topic on desktop and to the left of Moderation Actions on mobile/tablet.  
  11. You have a notice that pop down on the frontend when a new update is available that can be dismissed using a cookie. I like this, it's great, I'm on here daily so will know when an update is out but for those that aren't or don't visit the admin panel often, I can see being really handy. My brilliant suggestion would be to open this functionality up for us all to display our own notices set in the admin or mod control panel, it could be used to display all kinds of messages for example we have just upgraded and it's essential you clear your cache before using the forum as the editor will not be functioning correctly. Or even we are performing an essential update on X date, the forums will be offline during this period. Europeans running Adsense could also make use for it saving us having to call on more external Javascript to display a certain message keeping Mr Google happy (nudge nudge wink wink). Like I say, it's a brilliant suggestion, one of my best so far. You could say but you have announcements they are essentially the same thing, not really, this would be more noticeable (excuse the pun), announcements can kind of blend in to the rest of the board quite easily.     
  12. What looks better

    Off topic but looking at your site, do you know that the sign in and register buttons are unreadable with white text on grey? @VizionDev
  13. Thanks! Is it 4.5 we're on now? (Still believe it should be included as default)
  14. Would it be possible to add a trash can editor icon that clears the editor? Probably a CKeditor plugin available that I haven't seen but I feel it should be included in IPB as default with the auto save feature you have. Despite the huge editor improvements which have gone down great, my members are still struggling to remove quotes on mobile when they change their mind not to post in 4.1. I've been trying myself to figure out a fool proof method of removing quotes but select all can take several attempts to highlight the quote.  Put the cursor before the date, click delete and it takes you to the previous page. Bug? The closest I've got is, tap inside the quote, then try to press the little square box top left then delete. Even that can take a few attempts. My forum is littered with posts where.... 1) It's just the quote as they've hit submit just to clear the editor  2) Apologising for quoting a member they didn't want to  3) Quote boxes with the original post removed and their replies inside. As the user can't simply reload the page to clear, a one click toolbar icon to clear would be perfect and allow users to enjoy having the auto save feature more, I'll be surprised if I'm the only one that would like to see this added in.
  15. Would be nice if we had the option to choose which usergroups to show announcements to. Also allow announcements to be dismissible with a little X in the top right.