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  1. Mobile only ads

    You can hide Adsense if you're using their responsive ads Hiding an ad unit In certain cases, particularly on smaller mobile devices, you might not want to show an ad at all. If you do want to hide an ad unit, then you can set a parameter with CSS media queries so that no ad request is made and no ad is shown. The following example shows you how to make these modifications: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6307124#hide
  2. Night Mode/Dark Theme

    My first suggestion of the year and I think it's a great one.  Release a dark theme/night mode out the box. If possible an option to switch to the dark theme automatically during X hours. (This would be super awesome) I know there are a lot of dark themes available in the marketplace however you are then in the hands of the theme developers and a lot are too dark to even read. I also know you can create your own themes and you've made it really really easy now but there is an awful lot of custom css to be found and added to create a truly dark theme. The editor was a bit of a pain. A lot of apps now offer dark themes, even Twitter jumped on the bandwagon last week with their Mac app and Apple are bringing out blue light reduction setting in iOS 9.3.
  3. IPS4 server response time

    I have given up on page speed and gtmetrix tbh, a lot of people on here obsess over it and for a while I got sucked into trying to please Mr Google but when you compare popular sites mine is coming out better. Is Zukerberg at home now losing sleep over his 43/100? Is he heck Im bored of chasing that 1%, the 0.01 second boost by making changes. Use your own eye, I can't tell the difference between a second loading. IPS 3 to IPS 4 I can't tell the difference and I've not had any members complaining, it loads instantly just like 3. Here is my site vs Apple and Facebook yet I'm on £20pm shared cloud hosting, no server tweaks, no modules, fancy settings, no CDN, no cookie free domains 
  4. Deleting Hidden Posts

    What version are you running as I have checkboxes to mass delete in the modcp? 
  5. Is it possible to clear up all posts by checking for empty paragraphs at the end of all posts? I'm not clever I have no idea how these things work but if possible it would be nice so I didn't have to clean up posts like this                      
  6. Also when you click read more it takes you to a page not found. Wasn't sure to add it as a bug or not so I'll leave it here    https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en-GB#Ads_on_pages_behind_a_login
  7. Free SSL

    After getting a SSL what's the next step with IPS, I've seen one setting in the admin panel for logins to use https, do you also need to add https in the config file or is it all server based and automatically uses it? Apologies for what might seem a nooby question, I'm a SSL noob  
  8. Frustrating thing about the cookie law is you have exactly what we need already built in, dismissable notices for upgrades. If we just had access to this it would solve all our problems, you wouldn't even need to call it Cookie Law, just notices that all admins could use. It would have been useful when we upgraded to 4.1 with the editor cache issues, I had countless emails with members unable to post despite posting an announcement. Instead we're now forced into using external javascript for the cookie law, the one of which I used suddenly stopped working, no idea when, I only noticed by chance in the web inspector the other day, turns out Silktide changed the JavaScript URL. I've seen all the discussions on here and IPS's refusals, the law isn't very clear I'll give you that but now Google insist we have this installed if using Adsense. It can't be just a handful of Europeans using this software with Adsense?  Funny thing is you will have a COPPA setting for a law that only effects US users. Does feel like European users are being shown the middle finger here slightly. I'll let you off tho as IPS 4 is amazing apart from this and that daft unread dot.
  9. Saw in another thread to mark all threads read, did that and it's super quick now for me on this site
  10. It's just as slow for me now as it has since Activity Streams arrived on here, fine with my own site and had no complaints
  11. I advise you to remove "share by email"

    You don't need to use a robots.txt either do you? System > Search Engine Optmisation > Meta Tags Add the URL's robots noindex That's what I've been doing anyhow
  12. Disable content embedding

    I'm not the only one to wonder how they survived the 3.4 feature cut then, curious if anyone ever uses them at all
  13. Windows or Mac?

    4 Years ago I had a play on my friends Mac. The rest is history.  (Photo taken on a iPhone 6 obviously)
  14. Retina forum icons

    I agree would be nice but the chances of these 2 templates being changed during upgrades are slim so you're pretty safe editing these templates