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  1. Recover deleted posts,

    I'm in my own little user group and only I have the permissions set to delete, my minions can only hide.  I know if I delete it's vanished, gone, into cyber space so I never moderate with alcohol in my system. What would be nice is for a task to remove hidden posts after X days because I'm lazy.
  2. ips 4.1 can we disable menu manager?

    Would be nice to have an option to put the breadcrumb back in the grey bar under the Forums tab, then have the rest in other tabs. I don't have Gallery, Blogs or Calendar installed and Chat is only available during certain times. 
  3. (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    Does what it says on the tin, works great, thanks!
  4. ipsBox removed ?

    When you have who's online and stats at the bottom of the page it doesn't look as good as well without the ipsbox. Not feeling the solid grey bar at all
  5. I have asked few times but with no reply, today I am officially asking in a feedback topic, I'm on my knees here, I beg of you please, can we please get a archive status reset option please so I can rearchive topics? Help me out here devs, you know it makes sense really and you are all super clever amazing, good looking guys, would only take you 5 minutes I'm sure. If you make this happen I will be If not I will be   
  6. The chat app, bad or good for the forum?

    I have a football forum and open up the chat room an hour before kick off and close it after the game. Keeps the pointless "get him off" or "yessss" posts off the forum with all the real discussion on the game in topics after the game. We have around 70 in there for games and works quite well, would never leave it open 24/7, a lot of content would be lost on the forum if they could hide away in there.
  7. Mobile posting

    Mobile and tablet is massively improved, it was awful, I mean really awful, one of my and members major complaints with 4 and now it's perfect, have no complaints at all. Massive thank you to the developers for that, cannot wait to install on my site.
  8. I would love to know why logged in users would want to go to the first page over being taken to the first unread. If you miss the dot and click the title you have to go back to the previous page, zoom in more to press/click that dot, the amount of times I've had to do this on mobile is ridiculous. A user wanting to go to page 1 could easily quickly tap the 1 in pagination. 1 click for a user wanting unread, 2 clicks for a user wanting page 1. Also the dot means nothing to members, especially new forum users, you get a tooltip on desktop if you hovered over it, mobile users would never find this out. I've answered people myself on this very forum and showing them how to go to the first unread.
  9. Even better would be remove the blue dot and clicking the topic title automatically takes you to the first unread for logged in members.  Why would you want to go to the first or last page when you're looking at unread content. Makes no sense to me.
  10. Please tell me there is a way to mute the sounds when new replies pop up in the topic, I don't know if you have sounds for other instant notifications as well but if you do please please tell me there is a way to get rid of these somehow or it will drive me insane.  
  11. I'm no longer a client?

    Why not make the frontend licence expired notice dismissible? little cookie placed in your browser and all is good.....could then let us use the same cookie dismissible notices code  that could also be used to say hello to your members or even cookie consent for example Full of good ideas me.
  12. This is a request for the lovely developers, I would like to request that you code in a nice little notification for when a new comment by a moderator has been made on reported content.I'm lazy, like really lazy and this would help save me from manually checking the report for new comments and allow me more time watching daytime TV.Thanks 
  13. I know this has been done to death and I remember reading the reasons why you were reluctant to add cookie consent although I can't find the topic now. I have just received this email from Google....it would be really really reaaally nice of you if you could include something within the software for us Adsense users. Pretty please.  
  14. Bought software refused!

    ​Free 7 day cruise for us plus our partners round the caribbean with every renewal
  15. Ckeditor: Force to paste as plain text

    CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteAsPlainText = true;