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  1. able to download

    All purchases are processed manually by IPS staff, so it may take a while until it's confirmed. Welcome to IPS :)
  2. Arcade?

    The owner didn't pay his fees? Dunno... Something like this?
  3. Yes, you can assign a skin to a specific forum.
  4. Can Nexus show multiple currencies?

    No, it's not just showing it. You would have to show the price based on the current currency rate and Nexus doesn't check for them.
  5. android app / mobile style

    IP.Nexus yes, IP.Content can't as you define the content which is displayed. For your information: IP.Content ist not a CMS like Joomla or vBulletin has. Try the demo and take a look or you will be probably disappointed!
  6. Disable signatures for guests

    System Settings > Members > User Profiles > Allow signatures for guests
  7. Link Error

    Gallery 5.0.0
  8. The Gallery ... What the ...

    I happend for me, too. I opened a ticket in Client Area. I think they just have to adapt the new license changes to the old sold license models.
  9. Thanks for the sig link to TracDown! :)

    1. Hatsu


      You're welcome :)

  10. Facebook Group Integration

    I'm quite sure that it's impossible to import subjects and posts of private Facebook groups in a third party application. This wouldn't be private anymore and it would be a security and privacy issue.
  11. TracDown

    Really a great and interesting app! Good work. One thing I noticed: You've chosen to put the categories (Projects in old?) on top in the blue bar. You will run out of space really quick when having more categories. E.g. IPS couldn't use it because they have more categories. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get around it. Changing the issue statuses to top and categories to left leaves somehow a strange feeling :)
  12. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    [quote name='Boost Samurai' timestamp='1342595736'] Where exactly do I get my hands on, download wise, this new tracker? I was using the old tracker as a support tool for my users and would like to employ the new one in a similar fashion. Do you use any relational fields within your database?
  13. Favicon should be a SETTING...

    Just remove write permissions for favicon in your root and acp folder and it won't be overwritten everytime and you don't have to bother anymore.
  14. I want to buy IP.Nexus, but....

    It's best you open a support ticket, this is not the place you will get support. Perhaps a moderator can move the topic in a proper forum.