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  1. vb to ipb

    You could just install IPB in a different folder than vB (eg: vB is in /forums and IPB is in /ipb), do the conversion, work on your style & settings, and then either leave IPB in /ipb or move the contents of /ipb to where you really want it to be. It is what I am currently doing with a vB4 site that I'm using for testing... I have vB & IPB installed in two different sub-folders and I can freely work on the IPB copy without losing my vB files until I'm ready.
  2. Migration to IPB

    Just to be clear.... that includes "PhotoPost vBGallery" in addition to "PhotoPost Pro" (which are two entirely different gallery products)?
  3. ... is still quietly observing the IPB community before taking any action. Testing the waters, if you will.

  4. How to create page on Facebook?

  5. Considering a change? Me too.

  6. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Soft Delete

    /me likes :)
  7. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration

    great news!!
  8. use twitterfeed if you want to spam twitter ;) if you use an auto poster, you severally miss the point of twitter IMHO
  9. sort mods by paid and free

    oh that's great news, thanks Brandon :thumbsup: with that and I just found out about this files/ folder, I'm going to be busy for a while :ph34r: btw.. I was told on Twitter that I can get to that files area through the customer resources link in the header, this is what I've always seen clicking that link. so I never looked deeper :ermm:
  10. Welcome to IPB Dan :)
  11. is there a way I can sort these mods by paid or free downloads? It's rather annoying that I finally find a few useful mods and 90% are paid. I don't have a problem paying for a mod, but I just bought the thanks mod for 10$ and it's a waste of money in its current state. It's VERY plain, no stats, you don't get an alert when your "thanked" please say there is a way to sort these mods from paid/free, also do devs not put screenshots or live demos? This is something I miss with vbulletin, is a great resource, I only hope IPB has something like this one day. The IPB modifications area is nothing compared to what vB offers. :ermm:
  12. IP.Gallery 3.1.0 Wrap Up

    look forward to the updates :)
  13. Title tag issue in the gallery

    any suggestions for this one? :unsure:
  14. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    I've been working on my CCS page here: IPBSetup I've redone the page a few times, and will redo it again when I find a good style for the forum.