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  1. It'd be awesome if IPB got a built-in sitemap generator!

    1. Charles


      There's a mod for that :)

    2. Collin S.

      Collin S.

    3. Kyanar


      I guess "there's a mod for that" is the new "there's an app for that". But aren't IPB mods called apps? Hmm.

  2. Blog Syndication

    That's awesome Matt - thanks!
  3. Blog Syndication

    That's pretty awesome Matt. I think it would make a great feature :)
  4. IP.Subscription Coupon/Promotion Idea

    Multiple subscriptions would be good too I think. Personally I think I'd find the coupons more useful than multiple subscriptions, but it would be nice to see all of these features creep into Subscriptions.
  5. IP.Subscription Coupon/Promotion Idea

    Yep. That sounds good too. I imagine this coupled with an coupon expiry date would make a pretty powerful system.
  6. Only a week and a few days until Thanksgiving! Time off for the win.

  7. Wasn't too sure where to post this... I have a few ideas that I think would be beneficial for IP.subscriptions though.Coupon Codes This would work like coupon codes you see at any major retailer. A code that would take a certain percentage off a package, or knock it down to a certain price. For simplicity sake, you could just enter a set amount the coupon code reduces the price to. Promotional Things Perhaps an option where someone could get a subscription free for 30 days, or a coupon code that does this? Here's the idea behind this idea. I was thinking about printing out some promotional info on my new site I'm working on to give out at events. These would have code(s) on them for free premium memberships or whatnot. I think it'd be a pain to have unique codes on each one, but it would be nice if something like this could work.
  8. Nginx Rewrite rules for IPB 3.0

    For those of you still looking for this.... here's a thread regarding this here:,187.0.html here's what you'd need to add to your config file it looks like: location /pathtoforums/ { index index.php index.htm index.html; try_files $uri $uri/ /pathtoforums/index.php?q=$uri; } location /pathtoforums { index index.php index.htm index.html; try_files $uri $uri/ /pathtoforums/index.php?q=$uri; } Not too sure if this is the same thing as what mod_rewrite would do, but it seems to work great for me.
  9. Suggestion: TinyMCE Integration

    I'm not entirely sure how something like TinyMCE or CKeditor would work with regards to licensing, but I think it would be nice to have something a bit more powerful editing wise for IP.Content atleast (or atleast make it easy enough to add this functionality on our own). For basic forum posting, it's probably not nescesary to have anything more advanced than the current WYSIWYG editor for IPB, but hey, extra bells and whistles never killed anyone!
  10. Blog Syndication

    Thanks for your input Morrigan. I think based on some the feedback I've been getting, I should clarify my ideas a bit... I don't know quite what the percentage is, but I think it's fair to assume that a fair share of users registered on a forum have their own blog somewhere (self-hosted, blogger, livejournal...something of the sort). I think in it's current implementation, IP.Blog is trying to compete with this. I assume there would be ways for communities to utilize IP.Blog that were a little different than a standard blog, but when you get down to it, it's a blog. So, from a prospective of a user, if I have my own blog, why would I want to post content to the IP.Blog instead of my own personal blog? What incentive would I have to abandon Wordpress and utilize a blog only hosted on 1 single community? At the very most, I might consider copy/pasting some content from my personal blog to my IP.Blog, but as a user, any sort of aggravation dramatically reduces the chances that I'd do this. What i'm trying to suggest is some way for seamless integration...make it easier for users to share their content from their own blogs on IP.Blog. If my personal blog is seamlessly integrated and all I have to do is paste an RSS feed, what advantage would I not have to do this? The community gains the content from the user's blog, and the user gains more exposure. You could even setup a system where only a particular category is exported (this might be possible by RSS feeds...). For example, I'm starting an aquarium community. It would be awesome if people could syndicate all of their blog entries on aquariums to my site. I think the current external blog system isn't anything different than a simple <a href=""> link.
  11. Blog Syndication

    I posted something similar in the P-to-P Technical discusison, and it didn't sound like this was possible to implement with IP.Blog's core features, so I wanted to suggest this as a feature. I think it's somewhat unreasonable to think that users will have a dedicated standalone blog at every forum they visit. A lot of users have their own personal blogs on Wordpress or Blogger or other sources. It would be nice to somehow syndicate blogs within IP.Blog and allow users to import content from their pre-existing blog. i'm not very familiar with the technicalities or engineering considerations here, or how this would be best implemented. Perhaps somehow allow an external blog to be setup as an RSS feed, and IP.Blog "pulls" content from that external source? Amazon does this quite well with their author blogs (see something like this as an implementation ) so I think there would be some solution that would make this scalable.... Opinions? If not a core feature, I think a mod like this would be incredibly useful too if done well. (EDIT: Looks like IPB already supports importing RSS feeds as a forum...could this same concept be applied to blogs?)
  12. vBulletin Owners: Handy FAQs

    If, in the future, some sort of "better" licensing terms became available than the one we had agreed to, it would existing customers be given the option to switch to it (depending on the circumstances, of course?) With multiple products and licensing types and different products hovering around, I think there's probably situations where this may come up (the community suite, for instance). While logically licensing costs seem to get more expensive with time, if some 'All IPB products for a low $5 with no renewal fees ever' deal came up might be nice to switch to ;)
  13. IPB vs. vBulletin

    Makes sense. I can see why this is done. I can only think of a few strange examples of where such a powerful permission system would come into use (and the resource cost associated with it probably wouldn't be worth it, like you said). It is probably best for the obscure examples to be done on a case-by-case basis :) I've really been impressed with the IPB community and staff so far. I was initially concerned as IPB doesn't have the sheer volume in it's community that vBulletin has, but size isn't everything it seems. I think it's great to see the Invision Services teams interacting with everyone on the forum. It's nice to know that if I have a feature suggestion or a concern that someone at least reads it. The transparency in development also gives you a warm fuzzy feeling...I can understand why IPS doesn't reveal every secret thing they're up to, but with the blogs and staff comments, you can atleast get a good idea of what's going to be implemented. I do think there will be a learning curve switching from vBulletin to IPS. It's hard to compare both software packages side by side. You could probably sit around all day and find features that are in one but not the other. It's also hard to evaluate down-and-dirty performance just by reading and looking at the demos, but so far I've been seriously tempted to become an IPB customer :)
  14. IPB vs. vBulletin

    Thanks Charles! As a vBulletin user previously, I'm pretty impressed with what I'm seeing in the admin demo. Everything seems pretty smooth and straight forward. A lot of cool little features. :) Is there anything similar in IPB to vBulletin's 'Notice System'? (ie. you can display a bar at the top based on certain conditionals....hasn't approved email, < 5 posts in 30 days etc.).
  15. IPB vs. vBulletin

    I think in hanging out with vBulletin admins, one of the things they've consistently brought up as IPB's weak point is it's permission system. For example, in the admin demo, I only see 6 forum-specific permissions that are setable for usergroups. (Read/Write/Upload/Download etc.). I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not. What if I wanted a certain usergroup to be able to lock threads they personally created in a certain forum? (Not sure why I'd ever want this, but...)