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  1. Yes it is necessary. Because if you'll have URL of pages that begin with 'www' and some that aren't, Google will index them differently. What I mean is that you'll see pages in Google results with 'www' and pages without 'www'. Which is bad. I prefer it to be with 'www'. So yes, if a user won't type 'www' at the beginning of the URL it'll have to do a pointless redirect (301) just to add it.
  2. Making CKEditor more advanced

    Yes, you are right about that one. But I think maybe IPB should give it as an option. Maybe to let it only for selected groups that I'll choose.
  3. Hey all, Is there a chance you'll make the CKEditor more advanced? I mean, to make an option in the ACP or something like that, that will let a user to use an Advanced CKEditor. Now I'll explain what I mean.. This CKEditor is stripped from a lot of CKEditor's options. Like for example in the default CKEditor when you want to add a link, so in it's wizard it showing you 3 tabs so you can customize your link with all sorts of settings like: rel (nofollow if i want), description, title and such. I guess you already know what I'm talking about. Or when you want to add an image you could also set some extra options of the image attribute, like ID, description, titles and etc. And yes, I guess it means to approve a bit your BBCode bits.. Because if we are talking a lot about SEO lately, It's necessary too I think. One of the known ways to improve your ratings are of course writing all sorts of articles, and if you do that you should stick to Google standards and HTML standards. Google like when you put title & descriptions for example for links and images, all that is important for SEO. What do you think?
  4. New Seo Update Suggestion

    Is there a chance that in 4.0 you'll stop using tables in your templates and change everything to DIVs ? That would be great. Because it's just the standard today ;)
  5. CKE Editor Feature Request

    Heh, problem solved with a modification ;)
  6. Thanks Peter, have to say it's all true. And that's the first thing I did on my board. It's necessary on every website (not just IP.Board), so you won't have pages that will index with 'www' and some will index without 'www'. Plus, never own 2 or more domains to your website (to the same index and rest of the pages), otherwise, literally IT WILL GET YOU ######ED UP! When I bought my hosting they offered us free domain, which we took. Plus, we bought our current domain. Google treated me as duplicate website, but it was along time ago, didn't even know the meaning of SEO back then, heh. If you have 2 domains, stop using one and add this code to your .htaccess : RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.zsc.li$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.zsc.co.il/$1 [R=301,L] www.zsc.li - my free domain www.zsc.co.il - my current useable domain. After you put this code it'll redirect (301) from the free domain to the second domain you want to use.
  7. New Seo Update Suggestion

    The main reason to hide user profiles for guests (and of course search engines) plus hiding the signature from guests is a good receipt for avoiding spammers. Because if that work differently, spammers would register to your board and leave all sort of URLs to their own website in their profiles and signatures to create eventually lots of external links to their website, which means it's making their rank better. That's why you should avoid that. Although signatures has 'nofollow' relation (Which of course you can disable in ACP, but no need to!), but not always spammers pay attention to it. So I guess they'll pay more attention if guests can't see signatures.
  8. 3.4.0 beta?

    Bah, I see that the structure of the links still kinda suck.. I remember that Matt (if I'm not mistaken) talked about changing the string in the URL when there's pagination. Here's an example from that 3.4 board: http://internal34dev.invisionzone.com/topic/32-discovering-new-page-style/page-2 He wanted to do it like that as he one mentioned, and it's better way to do it for SEO: http://internal34dev.invisionzone.com/topic/32-discovering-new-page-style/?page=2
  9. I Would Like to See Better SEO

    If you want to remove the site name from the title of the thread you can just simple edit a code.. Just go to this file: /admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/topics.php Looks for this line: $this->registry->output->setTitle( strip_tags( $topicData['title'] ) . '<%pageNumber%> - ' . $forumData['name'] . ' - ' . $this->settings['board_name']); And replace it with this line: $this->registry->output->setTitle( strip_tags( $topicData['title'] ) . '<%pageNumber%> - ' . $forumData['name']); Should do the trick, well I'm sure it is because I tested it ;) Anyway, can you tell me why you think it'll improve the SEO? Lately, I'm open for suggestions... Maybe I'll use this trick, too. ;)
  10. I Would Like to See Better SEO

    Yes, you are right. I have to same problem. Lately, I got into SEO big time, and I've managed to make my ranks better in few good keywords I chose, but every time they are getting up and down... It's frustrating! What I'm really waiting patiently is IPB 3.4 (I'll wait for stable version like 3.4.2 or 3.4.3) and only then I'll install it and start making my ranks better again, because now the structure of the URLs is terrible, and it's not so easy to customize everything I want in this product.
  11. features i would like to see

    1. You are right. but only for your specific needs. Anyway, I bet you can just remove the age field from the template bit of the profile edit form, it can solve you that problem, at least for now. 3. Can be nice, I'm just using a simple contact form that when someone write something over there it post automatically the content of the "ticket" in my admin forum.
  12. Personal Info about a member

    Thanks ;) I'll check that out.
  13. Personal Info about a member

    w00t? is that a built-in feature in IPB? Because i can't find it anywhere.
  14. Personal Info about a member

    Levy, you are right! I was just gonna post that, just found out about it! For my purposes, I just had to tick this option when i created the custom field: Make Admin and Super Moderator Editable/Viewable Only? Anyway thanks! :)