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  1. Description over image spoils image

    I personally don't want my users to be able to mess with my website layout in any way. That posted image ruins the whole layout and make the site non-functional.
  2. Gallery 4 - Browse mode useless

    I've been stressing something along these lines for awhile now. I REALLY do think that browse mode needs to include everything in that category. Yes, browse is to look through casually, which is why you show the top 25 from the category you selected. But then what if you want to browse a bit more..? You cant. Also, I don't like sorting only by albums. I think individual uploads are a legitimate search option and you should be able to browse by albums or individual uploads. I can probably do the necessary modifications to make these ideas work for me, but then I can't really keep updating my Gallery install. And I don't think it is just me who would like these added, this is pretty much the standard for galleries around the web. Thanks for listening :) -Josh
  3. 3.2 is looking great, keep up the good work! I will be definitely be renewing my licenses!

    1. Gamerboy59


      and buy some more for your friends [:

  4. I cannot believe that users can't edit their own pictures information in Gallery...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Matt


      When in album view, click 'Edit'. They can edit all their images at once.

    3. Infini9


      Ahh very nice, thank you Matt. I think this option should be more prominent, I've seen quite a number of people complaining because they cannot find this option. It would be nice to have some individual item controls as well.

    4. Infini9


      Another question for ya Matt. Is it possible for users to edit images that they uploaded to a global album?

  5. Brandon - Will I have to upgrade my IP.Content install for the gallery feed to work correctly? I'm running the current version (2.1.2. I think) Reason I ask is that I waited a couple months after my license expired last time to renew Content, due to the fact that Gallery 4 was said to be released by the end of 2010 and I was expecting to perform development on both at the same time. My Content license is now expired as of a week ago or so, and I'm going to be really frustrated if I am forced to purchase another 6 months of support. I know $15 is not a large sum of money, but I have board and 4 applications that I have purchased and paid for extended support time. And I'm a self-funded college student. It adds up, and it makes paying for the essentials in my life that much harder.
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0: New reputation mode - "Like"

    How hard would it be to implement something like this into topics in 3.1.4 by ourselves? I won't be upgrading to 3.2 but this is a feature I have been avidly looking into.
  7. IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style

    Aww, 3.2 looks so awesome.. but we've modded our IPB installation past the point of return :P
  8. Gallery 4 Suggestion

    I think with the new like system favs are going to be somewhat worthless. The like system is pretty much setup as a favorite system (in regards to gallery) anyways.
  9. Thanks for everything IPB. Appreciate it ;)

    1. Infini9


      I don't want to make the applications feel left out.. they're important too.. so thanks to them as well. And I guess IPS and the staff so they don't feel left out either xD

  10. Gallery 4 Beta Feedback

    Does gallery support audio files? That would be useful along with video support.
  11. Its really good you are so talented at skins that skin is better then 99.9% of skins i have seen

  12. Thanks for the comment. That skin was beta 1 though, and was incomplete. We're already in beta 3! Our layout is insane! When we have a public beta (probably beta 4), I'll let you know so you can check it out :)

  13. Do we have an expected release date for Gallery 4? I heard about a month in early January, But I'd like to confirm. Any time frame would be appreciated - I've been waiting to start gallery development since Sumer 2010. Thanks!

    1. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Beta 2 is in pre-release testing now.

    2. AlexJ


      In March 2011.

  14. Need more Ad placement control:

    If you purchase IP.Nexus (I know.. it's another application to purchase), you will have much greater control over ad placement.EDIT: I posted a few links below. I couldn't find anything on ad placement, which is strange because I thought I had read about that. So I guess I'm not exactly sure if you would have greater control over placement, maybe someone else can fill you in on this, sorry.
  15. Nice job on the skin on your site its really nice im in love with it