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  1. Great Refund Serivce IPS [NOT!]

    With paypal you can pretty much always get a refund, with that said yes peoples ethics are different and I can see someone expecting to get a refund when some may not. Yes software can be copied after downloading but if IPB uses that approach to defend all its claims of a non return policy, customers are going to feel that they are non trusted thief's. Heck I would be embarrassed asking for a refund in this case but I do believe that a return policy is a good thing, even if its just credit which IPB did. I have to say is outstanding Invision Power!
  2. is leveling a mage 1-80 (WoW)

    1. Invisiοnist


      Lol, I prefer the game "Rakion" :)

    2. Iosys


      I would give it a try but I'm to busy to level another character up in a game

  3. Avast Antivirus is a virus!

    NOD32 for life <3
  4. Graphics Cards

    cough* Built my computer from scratch... I have (two) GeForce GTX 295 that I are sli together that cost me around $500.00(each per card) and sir you are not crazy at all, I know a friend that has four of the bad boys I just mentioned cross-fired with a 1k U.S Dollors Intel processor next desktop I build is going to be insane like his lol edit: of course you are supposed to check to see if your motherboard can handle them, that's like walking into a video store and not knowing that you need a video player lol
  5. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    I knew that would happen. What I'm trying to say is that I'm confused on why some people are even using it when they don't need it from my understanding by looking at the sites that are posted I don't see much use of it. To me most of the sites just look like a forum portal is their main webpage, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see much use of the CCS
  6. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    I don't know if I'm old fashion but I just don't think using CCS fits everyone's style for the main page of a site. I think some people are getting carried away with using it. Unless I see someone do something really unique, it just seems to look like your creating a portal as your main page which I have never liked unless the site is just one big board. Even if that is the case where you make something really unique a lot of people do not wish for something unique. That is my personal preference >_< Another thing I would like to say is that after 10 years of my life on the web, registering has now caused me to be extremely sick when noticing, "oh I have to log in/make an account #?!$". Yes using CSS so you do not have to register more then once is great but putting it on the main page for the heck of it meh... Sorry a little off-topic but ya my site isn't using CCS yet so I can't contribute to the list, sorry!
  7. A diamond in the rough.

  8. logitech v200 mouse so heavy!

    Funny seeing this topic today because I just bought a razer mamba Ill probably recommend it to you once it comes in the mail if you want something new >_<