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  1. Auto-Upgrader

    Seems like a helpful tool. I attempted an auto upgrade but the installer requires PHP "zip" extension enabled........... so deciding whats more convenient ...manual upgrade or rebuild Apache  :smile: Thanks I'll keep an eye on it's progress.
  2. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Navigation Bar

    [quote name='Yuxi' timestamp='1326249758'] Not being able to change the navigation bar without code edits has been THE most frustrating part of using IPB for me. Can't wait for 2.3! :D a g r e e d ! Thanks IPS!
  3. Awaiting 3.2 Suite Compatibility...

  4. Agreed, and I would think IPS should agree also, given that they've abandoned the default menu on IPB and use a FusionMenu clone on the IPC part of the site. I was rather miffed that nav menu manipulation wasn't a defacto standard in IPContent. IPContent expands upon the core to be able to add pages, databases, widgets, etc. yet no way to directly link to them? I personally use FusionMenu and for the most part, like it. It allows you to disable the primary IPB navigation or alternatively build upon it. Adding links to installed apps are a breeze and even runs permissions on those links added. The only thing I don't like is the inability to move it. It wants to be first on page (up top) and the lack of support from the mod dev when I inquired about such. This is why I avoid using mods/add-ons, etc. is the lack of support/code upkeep over time.You also gotta question why would IPS create such a feature when a solution exists where they get 10% of the sale and don't have to support the code?
  5. Anyone else requiring additional flexibility with IPB's advertising system? I personally need additional ad slots including filtered statistics for my clients. my advertising base has grown stagnant since converting from openX. I shouldn't have switched yet but the advertised integration with Nexus pushed me over the edge. Are any other admins using the system getting complaints from clients regarding the lack of statistics? If I was a prospective advertiser, I couldn't justify paying to advertise on a site that only offered "total hits/total clicks" to my add. As an advertiser, I want to know which ad is performing within a certain time period. many of my advertisers change out graphics depending on promotions, sales, holidays, etc. but its hard to judge a campaigns effectiveness when you cant filter the statistics. Am I alone here? if not, please vote, hopefully it can encourage IPS to expand and improve this area. Thank you.
  6. Weight based shipping quotes from USPS, Fedex, and UPS are not yet a feature. Agreed, there is a weight based option, but it's not what it seems and won't compete with a real-time shipping calculation. Almost every reputable cart script ties into the three shipping API's listed above. I worked with these API's 8 years ago, but I cant with Nexus, of course because its encoded. I might open a ticket with support regarding product options, because I don't currently see Nexus handling 2 tiered options, for example, keeping accurate inventory of a red/blue/green t-shirt in size small/med/large, in one "package" are you saying that this is possible? Cause the way I see it you have to currently list the same shirt a minimum of 3 times (3 packages, maybe 9) to achieve proper inventory count. As for Advertisement statistics, yes Nexus keeps one global stat, what about filtering those stats, by month, day, week? I charge my clients by the month, they would like to know how well their campaign performs in a set period of time. Regardless, this is getting off topic, my complaint was that the software is well tailored for digital product, but lacks for tangible product. The thread was an effort to explain that some users could workaround these deficiencies if the code was opened up, but with it encoded, were at the mercy and direction of the developer, which seems to lean towards digital services. Whats been done with IPDownloads and marketplace is fantastic (Thank you Mark), if the same effort could be put towards tangible product, Nexus would be a stellar success.
  7. It's my opinion that this is the primary reason the product was encoded to begin with, which is fine, but just admit it and improve documentation so we can work around it.
  8. When will Nexus have a member MarketPlace ?

    Been looking for such a solution for a long time, unfortunately Nexus appears to be leaning further towards digital goods instead of improving the already lacking tangible product options.
  9. Have to agree, my frustration is that Nexus seems to be modeled towards IPS needs first. Cpanel integration, paid download files, ticket systems etc, are nice additional features, but general functionality, such as weight based shipping and in-depth physical product options/attributes should have been implemented first. Currently, Nexus is fantastic for clients who sell digital content (like IPS themselves) but as a general eCommerce application it's seriously lacking even the basics. I'm currently only selling advertisements with it, and it fails miserably at that. every upgrade breaks the advertisement rotation and even basic statistics such as hits perX, clicks perX is not available to our advertisers. I wrote a hook for that once (before nexus was encoded) but it broke after Alpha stage and have no way to research a fix because like was said before API documentation is seriously lacking sitewide. I hope they soon reconsider, as I'll likely drop the product. I find it curious that IPSubscriptions (also dealing with $$) was never encoded.
  10. Need more Ad placement control:

    Got a link to that blog post? I'd be very happy, as i'm capped & crippled with current nexus slots/locations. I'm losing ad $$ by not being able to add new slots.
  11. Changelogs Plz?

    I'm happy to see active releases on all IP products, but can we get a chagelog, or at least slightly more detailed release notes other than "This is a maintenance release" ??? The marketplace authors do pretty well at summarizing revisions and changes, why not consider doing it for our core products? Thanks.
  12. My apologies, Followed your tips and worked fine :blush: Thank you both +1
  13. Thank you for the insight, however, these only control Pages in IPContent. I'm looking to to use the same wrapper for Articles. The suggestion has no effect on the articles layout. Anyone?
  14. So sorry, please move this thread from the company feedback forum to the customer support forum :blush:
  15. Finally found a use for the "article" functionality in IPContent, but after inspection, it appears it doesnt make use of the general ipbwrapper like IPcontent does, or all other apps, gallery, nexus, downloads, etc; I understand that it was probably intentionally done, but is there an easy way to include the articles in the board wrapper without having to maintain a separate layout? for example, when creating pages or databases in IPContent, theres an option to include the default board wrapper, but I dont see that option in the articles section. Any help? Thanks