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  1. Invalid emails on members accounts

    I already ask for this few times without success. IPB should setup something so we stop sending tons of emails to invalid addresses. This is becoming a big concern to me and no, I don't want to pay to mandrill to have this feature, thanks,
  2. Hi, Thanks for you response. I use Mandrill and Mailgun for this and I know there is a mod for this too, but I don't want to rely in 3th party apps to something so important like this. I would like this to be part of the core and If the user don't know how to pipe an email, maybe they don't need this but at least the ones who know have the opportunity to configure it. At least, there should be an API call we could invoke or a database field we could use to turn off mailing to the user easily. Please think about it. Thanks for listening.
  3. Hi, Are there any plans to deal with non return members and users with disabled email accounts? Since our communities send large volume of emails there should be a way to deactivate these accounts automatically for members with dead email addresses and members that don't visit the forum for a period of time. This will ensure you have a clean domain, otherwise you will face problems with providers like gmail, hotmail or yahoo because you cant stop sending email to non existing accounts. Thanks
  4. Invalid emails on members accounts

    Just to click "like" since this is a big issue and can place our domains/email in a black list. I would love to see this in 4 ... please!
  5. Optional SSL in 4.0 ?

    That's not a good solution. Doing this we get all css inside the page :( Now that SPDY is nearby, ssl for all suite should be taken care :) Thanks
  6. IPS 4.0 - focus on better localization

    I would suggest a way to reduce the number of words that are translated. We don't have to have 100 times the word "yes", we just need this once all over the suite.
  7. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 2: Uploads

    Hello,   My members are always asking for a way to post massive photos from the gallery. At this time, My Media will only allow them to post thumbnails.   Please add an option to post the full image too inside IMG tag.   Thanks
  8. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    I'm having some problems with fast reply + Chrome using Alternate-Protocol header.... Your is working?
  9. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    I'm playing with SPDY and I'm very pleasant with it :) I use it in production without problems ... waiting for spdy/3 in nginx.
  10. IPB 4.0 Performance Feature Requests

    Hi, I don't think nginx/varnish cache would be very hard to implement. The greatest challenges would be purge content in nginx (varnish is easier) and implement a solution for view counters (varnish ESI is easy, but nginx isn't, maybe with ssi) for content like images, posts, downloads etc. Would be needed to remove session for guests and this could leave to some unexpected behaviors that only IPB should care to handle. I've tested a few scenarios but at this time I'm only using micro caching with nginx. Regarding 3, 4 and 5 this is standard these days so there i hope we could see it in 4.0 About lazyload, this is a simple hack mainly for boards that publish huge amount of images like mine. It's not hard to implement and could give a push in rankings since you're not downloading images you don't see. I would like to see this has a default feature :) suite wide.
  11. You must redirect Vbseo urls to vb first. Search for uninstall Vbseo. They have a blog post explaining.
  12. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    Just to add more information, I'll suggest adding CDN77 to your list. I'm using them and they have +60 pop's and the price is very competitive. I wouldn't change for any other player unless the they match the same funcionality/price/pops.
  13. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    Hello, This is good news, but 0,09 is not a good deal. There are CDN's where the price is half of that and it's public ... we don't need to negotiate amounts of traffic to get lower values. Keep up the good work! Edit: By the way, can these reports be integrated with a external provider? Maybe using an API?
  14. Varnish Purge Headers

    Version 1.1.0


    This modification will send new headers so varnish can purge the modified content.   * Features *   New headers will be added when new content or modified content is post:    - On New Topic: X-Purge-Host + X-Purge-Forum  - On New Post: X-Purge-Host + X-Purge-Topic + X-Purge-Forum  - On Post/Topic Edit: X-Purge-Host + X-Purge-Topic + X-Purge-Forum   X-Purge-Host: www.example.com X-Purge-Forum: /forum/2-a-test-forum/ X-Purge-Topic: /topic/10-varnish-test-topic/   * Installation *    - Install the hook: System  >  Applications & Modules  >  Manage Hooks