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  1. Chat

    Hopefully we'll get some information on this.
  2. Chat

    Also interested in this. Although I'm surprised we haven't seen any yet, some screenshots would be nice.
  3. IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Beta 5 Available

    Any images of chat?
  4. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

  5. IPB 4.0 Countdown system

    I honestly think a feature like this is better off accomplished with a hook or add-on script. Give me all the base functions of a forum/community in IPB 4.0 and I'll add all the extra features that I want myself. I do not want IPB 4 to be bloated with features that I most likely won't use out of the box and I'm sure most community admins feel the same way. Give me what I need and I'll add the rest. Just my .
  6. Supported Payment Gateways

    Here is a chart of the supported gateways from this blog post:
  7. Two-Factor authentication for ACP

    It would very useful to have only on the ACP, especially if you're running Nexus. I see no point in having it for regular forum logins though.
  8. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    [quote name='BlackNovaDesigns' timestamp='1338591092'] Great stuff cant wait for this to come out, 2 feature i would love to come to this would be a quoting system and also if we could add pacakges to a users profile by ourselves so we can update users purchases in the admin panel. But cant wait this is going to make a lot of differences to my store. You can add a package to a user manually by generating an invoice for them. Under the "Add Item" button click the "Package" link to add a package. I thank that's what you meant. On a side note, can't wait to get my hands on Nexus 1.5! Thanks for your hard work, Mark.
  9. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Store & Billing Enhancements

    Are gift vouchers added as account credit or applied to purchases automatically?
  10. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Gateways & Payments

    Very excited to be using Stripe. :)
  11. In conf_global.php find $INFO['member_group'] = '3'; Change the number to the new group you want as the default member group.
  12. IPB confused

    If you don't want to update your forum every week with the security patch then I'd go with IPB. Other than that, just compare the features man. Everything this excellent software has to offer is on their site. :)
  13. Other apps not showing?

    I'm not. ;)
  14. Other apps not showing?

    You need an active license to get support here.
  15. IPB 3.2 Demo

    That too, has already been updated for 3.2. :)