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  1. This has got my vote. My site has several section outside of the IPB and I'm using Disqus. This would be awesome if there was a mod that would merge the two.
  2. Suggestion: Contacting Author

    I use IP Content as an article directory. You can see it here . I have strict guidelines for submission and many times I don't approve articles that have been submitted. I also approve many articles. Currently there is no way to let the author know if an article has been approved or not. Here's what I would like to see added as a feature in IP Content. - An approve and disapprove message that can be edited. - Have the messages as being optional. For example: only send out message for approved articles, only send out message for disapproved articles, send message for both approved and disapproved articles. - Showing the author in a column within the "Manage Articles" section. - The ability to click on the author's name for private messaging from within the edit page of the article and from the Manage Articles page.
  3. Checkout as Guests

    The reason for my interest in having a person checkout as a guest is because I sell directory listings. My directory has been active and growing since 2004 and I get many submissions per day. Currently after someone submits their site they land on a payment page that offers them the choice to pay via Paypal or From that point on they go through a payment process that is no longer on my site. The information that I capture is on the website submission form. I don't want people to have to fill out two forms in the submission process. Recently I've been looking for a solution for the checkout process since I will be offering new services related to the directory. I will be offering three types of listings plus a possible upgrade option that can be attached to one of the listings.
  4. Checkout as Guests

    Will people buying through IP Nexus be able to checkout without creating an account?
  5. Request for support of subdomains

    I would love this option too. I would need to have multiple installations of IP Content on different subdomains. I support this suggestion.
  6. Tax / VAT

    Normally tax is not charged on people purchasing from other countries. If you are Canadian you shouldn't be paying tax on anything outside of Canada and the same is true if for example someone from the US buys something from Canada. Currently in Canada there is the federal GST of 5% that is charged on all goods and services, plus the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) that is either Harmonized with the GST or charged separately. It depends on the province. In Quebec the PST is charged on top of the GST, which means it "piggybacks" on the GST rate. For example: the GST rate is 5% and the PST is 7.5% which would normally be 12.5%, but because it piggybacks on the GST the rate is 12.875. Wikipedia provides a simple chart for the different sales taxes
  7. Metatags for records

    If you're using the IPB wrapper you can try this for now
  8. Suggestion: RSS Feed

    Yes, that would work wonderfully. Ideally, the RSS URLs for the categories should be within their respective category. For example:link rel="alternate feed" type="application/rss+xml for automotive should only be found within the automotive category. The reason for this is because if you list every single RSS feed for all the categories within each page there's going to be a lot code bloat and not very user friendly. Imagine having hundreds of categories with RSS feeds and each of those URLs are placed within each page. It's not good for load time, SE bots, and most importantly, anyone trying to subscribe to that category.
  9. Suggestion: RSS Feed

    Yes, RSS feeds from the custom databases. If possible, I'd like to see the possibilty to create an overall RSS feed for each custom database and the possibility for each category created within each databse. IPC for my site is being used as an article directory, which you can see here As you can see there are many categories which is out of one database. Ideally there should be one overall RSS feed for all the categories, and also the possibilty to create RSS feeds for each category.
  10. Suggestion: RSS Feed

    I haven't updated yet to 1.1.2 and I mistook the database feeds for RSS feeds. Thanks for pointing that out.
  11. Suggestion: RSS Feed

    It's now available in IPC 1.1.2
  12. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    My IPC site is finally up and running. I was a vBulletin client and recently converted to IPB. The article directory part of my website was being managed by VBA Dynamics and when I converted over I asked if the IPB team would be able to do a custom conversion for Dynamics. Thankfully they were able to do it. There were over 2000 articles and tens of authors to port over. Dynamics is a very good program, it's just not very easy to customize. What attracted me to IPC was that I would be able to use HTML and CSS for the templates. IPC, at this stage of its young life is not the easiest to work with, but if you know HTML, CSS, and some PHP you can pretty much do whatever you'd like. The new article directory is called Published! and can be seen here
  13. My IP.content website

    Looks good. You should consider placing your Google custom search results in an IPC page.
  14. [Suggestion] IPB Wrapper Template in IPC

    I finally finished the IPC part of my website, well almost. You can see it here This part of the site is being used for a completely different reason than my forum and that is the main motivation behind making it look different than the forum. IPC was attractive to me because I was able to have members of my forum submit articles without having to register for another account. It also allows people who want to use the article directory be part of my forum. It works well. I was a vBulletin client using VBA Dynamics for my article directory because it was basically an extension of the forum. Thankfully everything was transferred over to IPB with no major issues. One motivating factor with IPC vs VBA Dynamics was the ability to customize to look using HTML and CSS. VBA works with the VB template system and is not very easy to work with. Making IPC work without the wrapper was a very difficult job and a major learning curve. I am not a programmer but I do have lots of experience with CMS systems, particularly Expression Engine and other programs. This was, by far, the most challenging. If there was a duplicate IPB Wrapper in IPC I would have been able to modify that wrapper to make it look the way I wanted and still be able to make things function like page titles for the database templates, the editor and so on. In this post you suggested something to me concerning meta tags. What you recommended doesn't work if you don't have the IPB Wrapper, making it very frustrating. Thankfully I know a PHP programmer who helped me create small scripts for the page title and meta description. We placed the scripts in blocks and are now using those. The IPB wrapper for IPC would be a start-up template like what you have for the database templates. By having this it helps IPC be almost fully independent of IPB. This of course is my opinion after having worked with IPC. There may be other solutions, but this is what I came up with to making it easier. I just want to mention that if I wanted to build single pages this would not have been an issue. Once I started working with the database I started seeing how dependent the templates were with the IPB wrapper.
  15. [Suggestion] IPB Wrapper Template in IPC

    By using the IPB wrapper one is forced to make IPC look like the forum. The IPB wrapper comes with all the code and links to make things like the editor work and so on. Also, if you're using the database templates nothing displays properly and the page titles don't work. What it comes down to is; use the IPB wrapper or write everything thing from scratch. This doesn't allow for easy customization. I know IPC is new, that is why I posted this as a suggestion. What I would like to see is greater flexibility for customizing IPC, either by using an alternate IPB wrapper or some other solution.