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  1. One option is that the unread circle to be positioned at the end of topic title in activity stream. In this way would be far from author avatar.
  2. Option to hide post under moderation

    I am sure that this function is not something very difficult to implement and hope to receiving it into 4.1.
  3. Option to hide post under moderation

    Please IPS, it would be very useful this function.
  4. The user should be directed to first unread post, not the last post, even when he press the title. It's just a waste of time to roll back to see where begins unread content on any of the screens (mobile or desktop).   I'm sorry, but I've noticed that lately any proposal is rejected from the beginning. In future I will not post in this forum, because I feel like I just wasted your time and mine. 
  5. On mobile is a bit difficult to press the dot, but I apologize for wasting your time.
  6. I think it would be better if the link "Go to first unread" under the dot wil be moved and can be accessed when the user click on the left icon. I think it would be easier and more intuitive for users. What do you think?  
  7. Still no "Only search in titles" option

    Unfortunately we do not have this option neither in 4.1. 
  8. I strongly dislike the activity stream

    +1.  Unfortunately the current look is not user friendly. The novice user is forced to make numerous settings to get quality content.
  9. Please IPS, add this option.The pasting of formated text in posts is a function that can be used by advanced users. For users without experience, this function is more confused than being something useful. Forums that are populated with users without technical knowledge become very ugly and their content is very difficult to read.Please add this option for administrators can enforce this setting for all members.
  10. Such an option is very useful. Can be added?
  11. Option to hide post under moderation

     View here:When you have unapprove posts, an icon appears on the front page warning administrative team. After the post is reviewed by a moderator, I wish I had the possibility to hide it and keep it, I do not want to remain under review moderators.For example, when one member use inappropriate language, that post I'd like to keep as evidence for penalties.Currently I must approve the post and only after to hide it. I think it would be much easier to have the option to hide directly from unapproved status.
  12. When we have new posts under moderation, is missing the option to hide the posts. Currently we only have only the opportunity to approve or permanently delete that post.It would be very useful to have the option to hide post under moderation.Thank you.