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  1. Simply put..... add drag and drop uploading

    Drag and drop would be a great idea and a timesaver for posters. I wouldn't want the feature to upload offsite to an image host. In fact I'd rather have the ability to import any images posted from external sites.
  2. New License Structure

    I like the way this is going. The ability to buy the suite and content or suite and blog is the best thing that I've heard in a while. I can buy suite plus blog and convert my blog from WP. Then in the future if I want to add a forum I can buy that and plug it in. I see nothing but positive from this and will only put IPB even further ahead of competitors.
  3. Charles you must have peeked into my admin. That is how I do it. Restrict PM's, no sigs, no links until promoted after x posts. I use promotions and demotions as tools to keep members active. I have limited user groups which are akin to being told to sit in the corner. I have guru groups. The best thing added to forum software was without a doubt the promotions system.
  4. Upgrade Windows Server 2003 Question

    Only if your host supports OS reloads or if you have console access to the server through IPMI and have a network share where you can put the install files.
  5. Upgrade Windows Server 2003 Question

    No upgrade path from 2003 to 2008. You have to do a clean install. There are tools to migrate settings and files. I did this a couple years ago on all my servers and it really wasn't as bad as it sounds.
  6. XenForo Converter

    That's a different perspective and one that makes perfect sense.
  7. IE9 Bold Fonts (Too Bold) Hard To Read For You?

    You could have corrupt fonts. There is an update that messed up Arial, Verdana and a couple other fonts. The only fix is to download a zip of Windows system fonts and uninstall the old and install the new. I had the same problem and once I replaced the system fonts everything was good. Rolling back to IE 8 will also fix it, but, if you upgrade back to IE 9 the problem will appear again.
  8. Windows/IIS being a bit annoying

    Are you using non thread safe binaries? If not that could be the problem.
  9. Windows/IIS being a bit annoying

    Could be any number of misconfiguration issues. Start server manager and check out event viewer logs. You should find the problem.
  10. AntiVirus Software

    I recommend nod32 also although I don't run any anti virus software anymore. Haven't for a few years now. Best defense is never open any attachments from anyone or download from sites you don't know or trust.
  11. PHP 5.3 and IPB 3.0

    Works fine with 5.3.5.
  12. New Client Area? Where's my stuff?

    I had an expired license and was not going to renew it until I decided what to do with it. It's now gone and from what I can tell will only come back if I submit a ticket. I am one that normally doesn't renew a license until new major versions are released. Sometimes those licenses would expire. At vbulletin and under the old system here I could renew when I wanted. In fact I just renewed an expired license here just before the change. My question is will I have to submit a ticket now to get an invoice generated when I want to renew an expired license and since the expired licenses do not show how will I even know if I have one expired? There should be something like the old system that lists expired licenses. I haven't looked hard if I'm missing anything. In fact I am not sure if I would be able to tell anyway with no package names. That's how I kept track of everything. I hope the ability to name the licenses is added back. I do know I have an IP.Nexus license that was previously associated with a forum license and now that association is gone because the license it was associated with is the expired license.
  13. IP.Board 3.2.0: Front-end Changes Afoot

    Id like to see the subforum display in columns instead of the way they display now. I know this can be changed with a template and css edit. It would be nice to see it as standard. As far as the main page presentation goes it's about time to do away with the standard forums on front page with some stats and other somewhat useless info. Users now want their info yesterday. Why not adopt the Vanilla approach and make the lastest posts the forefront of the forum index with the forum list in the sidebar? More and more of my users are using the lastest posts in the sidebar to quickly get to the meat of the site, the topics. Some have requested that I up the amount of posts it displays. Other have the new content link bookmarked as their landing page. Why not bring these to the forefront? To me it just makes sense. That's all for now.
  14. ip.converge with existing boards

    I'm not sure how the backend works. I do know I have a test user with different passwords on all my sites and I can login on all sites using the password from the first converged site. If I login with the same username registered with a different password from one of the other sites it does recognize I was a user in the system and logs me in. Maybe it just created another account in converge at that point. As I don't know what's going on behind the curtain. There are 2 modes to it also. One is SSO mode. This way one password for all. From reading the docs if you use this mode all users will have to change their password on first login. I don't use that mode. I do know it does what I want it to do. It allows all my users to login to any site I have now with the login they use on any of my communities. It does create a new user account on each forum if the user has never logged in there.
  15. ip.converge with existing boards

    If they use the same email you can merge them on import, ignore them, or merge them later. Passwords are the same. Nothing changes. It is transparent to the users. They don't even know it's there. I chose to ignore them since they were already in the system anyway.