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  1. Clone Topics

    Could you not move the topic from the non-News forum into the news forum, and tick the box to leave the redirect there?
  2. IP.Board 3.3: What to expect

    Haha yeah I wasn't that clear :tongue: What I meant by increase in frequency of small updates was added functionality & areas changing etc which could have an impact on customisations applied :tongue: I gathered from the blog article that a 3.3 was the start of many more .3 / .4 / .5 changes which would mean potentially more frequent additions of content. I meant that as opposed to 'frequent' bug fixes where functionality and design would all remain the same with no new added areas just issues getting fixed with customisations being easily applied in moments after upgrading. Don't get me wrong though I'm excited about additions of features. I just prefer them coming in bulk batches so that one can spend a week solid working on upgrading scripts and custom code and for it to just be done :P
  3. IP.Board 3.3: What to expect

    Looks great, but PERSONALLY I wouldn't have minded a 3.2.4 in the meantime fixing the 100-or-so-bugs (which now show as fixed in 3.3.0). Perhaps a patch? :x Either way sounds good, hopefully it doesn't mean too much of an increase in frequency of small updates though. It can become rather troublesome when dealing with overly-frequent updates whilst trying to maintain a heavily customised board :tongue:
  4. (3.2) Am I tired? How do you rename a link?

    This could be a silly question, but why don't you just modify CKEditor?
  5. Features removed from 3.1.4

    I must say I do miss Topic Descriptions quite a lot. I'm holding out on upgrading my community until 3.2.2 in the hope that perhaps, just maybe, IPS will re-add them as an option, or at the very least some kind developer will release a Mod for them to be reinstated. What use for 'Tags' I would have I just don't know
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor

    Awesome :o Will this be available for testing in 3.2.0 b2?
  7. IPS Marketplace Filter

    Most Recent includes those files which were recently updates as well as brand new files.
  8. Permissions and topic follow suggestion

    Haven't tested that myself but if it's true then it's probably a bug :rofl:
  9. Message Fadeout Delay

    I agree, I think it's something like 6 seconds at the moment - really it need only be 3 or so :P Not a huge deal but I suppose if it were to get looked at again it wouldn't hurt to tweak it a bit.
  10. Time on forums?

    I've found that by going to System Settings -> System -> General Settings and turning the Debug Level to '1', it then shows the user's saved time & last visit time etc at the bottom of the Board Index Personally I found this a useful feature on other versions of IPB and I know my users did too so i'm going to be setting this to 1 when I upgrade my live board :smile:
  11. 3.2 Square Edges.....

    I like the way you've styled the sidebar headers, but I disagree on the tabs.
  12. Voice your opinions (Change IPB 3.2 Now)

    The only things i'm a bit annoyed about is the inability to have animated avatars/gifs in your profile picture on Topic View. Index View I accept it would look silly, but topic view I think it should be restored. (Note: I actually think this is just a bug but if its not then ye). I also wouldn't mind seeing topic descriptions coming back, but someone's already offered to create a hook for it so it's not really a big issue. As for everything else, I'm not too fussed tbh. The board seems a lot cleaner to me now, and I have no doubt that some of the extra features you want can be customised via a hook (In fact, for two of your problems, the online/offline icon and the ACP Dropdown menu already have hooks released for them for the users who disagree with the default!)
  13. To add to this, it would be good if there was a Mass Permenant Delete / Restore Posts in the 'Deleted' Section too.
  14. Currently in the 3.2 Mod CP, when you go into 'Unapproved Content' you are given a long list of content which has been unapproved with a button next to each saying Delete / Approve, as shown below: It would be nice if, when on that screen, there were tick boxes running down the side (like you would find in the Forum index or Posts), with a dropdown menu at the bottom with options as to what to do with all of the topics. This saves the constant backward and forth steps to manage unapproved content. (As it stands, you have to click 'Delete', then get sent to a screen like this before then getting redirected to the forum the topic was in, meaning you now need to navigate all the way back to the Mod CP unapprove page if you want to then clean another topic).
  15. 3.2 Hovering on Board Index

    EDIT: Just seen there's already a topic! Can Close this & Post @ http://community.inv...x-non-existant/ On this 3.2 Beta Board, when hovering over the title of a topic when the topic title gets cut off, instead of helpfully giving you the rest of the topic title like it did in 3.1.4, it remains cut off and simply adds an out of place bracketed sentence at the end. I'm not entirely sure if this is just a bug or not (not showing the rest of the title), but if it's intentional then IMHO it was more functional on 3.1.4 where you could instantly find out the rest of the topic title when it was cut off. Example of 3.1.4 (Showing the rest of the topic title): Example of 3.2 Beta: I know this is a small thing! But that just goes to show how perfect I think the rest of 3.2 is :rofl: