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  1. IP.Calendar RSS/iCal Export Permissions

    Is there any developments with this feature?
  2. Option for members to purchase a Store Credit

    I and others have requested this on various occasions, myself last time here: but IPS wanted money to develop the feature, so I gave up on it.
  3. Correctly declare TAX on Product Page etc.

    As Jimi Wikman above noted, most stores in Europe, are legally bound to show the Tax for the country the store is located in. If your store is based in Germany, you have to show German VAT, unless you can get the correct country and tax of the person browsing your store. When I browse web shops in the US, I notice that a lot of them show sales tax according to the state the store is based in - where applicable.
  4. Three wishes for Nexus developers

    I have put a purchased Nexus on hold until there is better support for this and other features requested. So I hope that they come sometime soon :)
  5. Purchase credit

    Been away for a month and lots has happened with the announcement for Nexus 1.3. but I haven't seen anything towards being able to do what the OP requested. Is this something being considered for 1.3?
  6. More images for a package

    +1 Some products need different views...
  7. Calendar: Week numbers

    Firstly: I have been away from the IPS community for a month - and it is great to see all the changes and announcements. One suggestion for the Calendar: Please add week numbers in the Month and Week views. A lot of countries in Europe use week numbers to schedule meetings etc. It is common to say, I will on holiday on weeks 30 & 31. Google calendar allows you to add on week numbers. For Month view, you would need to "right align" the dates for days, so the week number can show at the beginning of the week. For Week view, you could just have the week number show on the title "Week 7", instead of the current "Week beginning on the...." Thanks
  8. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Minor Translation Improvements

    And from Denmark too: Thanks [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1302577101']I guess it's just me but I don't see "1 users" as a grammar issue as I sort of see that as IP.Board saying "one of your many users" in my head. In some languages, the plural for a word like 'users' changes. Which is why, it would be good to be able to make a choice. The best comparison I can give is, like saying 1 community or 15 communities. When you then say 1 communities - sounds daft. But there are cases where it is worse than the above comparison example. Thanks for the great work.
  9. Contact Us in 3.2?

    And why wouldn't it, if it is something you can turn on/off? Not all of have or us want to use IP.Content, so it has my vote too.
  10. Improve the Transactions section

    Thanks. Would still be nice to have some shortcuts as a button, as mentioned. Also like the Transactions per product. Sometimes it will be an accountant that comes in to do this path and a simpler access to it than entering lots of search criteria. The search can still be there for the more advanced searches.
  11. IPBoard Admin

    Thanks... never really thought of just changing logo Just did...
  12. IPBoard Admin

    Tell me about this.... I was setting up a demo board and wanted to copy language files from one to the other so the demo was in the correct language. I inadvertently imported the language file to the same board I was exporting from - fortunately it was just a duplicate... It could have been some other file overwriting something important.
  13. IP.Board 3.2.0: Tagging and Prefixes

  14. Simpler routes to selecting items in Invoicing

    In the same section... A problem that is a bit more irritating: If I edit an invoice that is Pending, then I can change the number of items per invoice line. But I cannot update this. There is only a delete button on each line. No Update button. So even though I enter another quantity, the line amount still only shows the initial amount. I will report this as a bug.
  15. Add Customer name to invoice screen

    Also, when editing an Invoice: Even though I was asked to give an invoice name, this is not displayed in subsequent screens - just the Invoice #. I would like to see the same name that I have given it. So I am always aware which invoice I am editing.