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  1. Hi there, it's been exactly 2 weeks after 4 issues are being raised. 3 out of 4 issues are resolved and now remaining the critical issue that is affecting my community. This issue is also the main issue that lead me to consider whether to carry on using IPB. The core activity of my forum is importing blog entries via RSS. As a person who doesnt have an IT knowledge and also as a customer, whenever I see new blog entries in our guest blogger site, I would expect them to reflect or display at the respective blogs in our community. This is not the case now as new entries are not displaying in our community for more than 2 days. I was told that it need activity to run the task. As I also mentioned to your support team that we are 102% sure that we have activities in our community given that we have been paying $30 monthly fee and also all bog entries are shared on our facebook page with about 147k fans everyday and I have also tracked that each entry we shared in facebook lead to about 100+ guests visiting the site (we share 2 entries on facebook per day), so there must be some guest visiting and reading our community. This activity may not be obvious to your support team because of different time zone (we based in Hong Kong), our active moment is during daytime in Hong Kong.  To verify if the function of pulling and displaying latest entries in our community, I really hope your support team could do a full circle of testing to see if every steps are working as expected. Really need your help for the last time, I guess. Many thanks & regards    
  2. Hi Charles, Thanks for the reply. The solution may not be obvious but if your team could spend less than 5 mins browsing through my site, the issues are pretty obvious. Will see if these issues could be resolved soon. This coming Thursday will be the second week after IPS 4 installation. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, All issues remained unsolved since 4th Dec. I do get replies from support team but it's just not going anywhere. Have a glance at the replies, I could only feel the team is beating around the bush for the sake of passing "Awaiting Customer Action" to the customer.  I have been with IPB since 2010 and all these while, I am very impress of the support I got from you but this isn't the case after my IPS4 installation last 2 weeks. I don't know what is really happening in your team and I can't foresee my issues could be resolved soon. My site is kinda hopeless now, blog community isn't pickng up blog entries via RSS which is the CORE of my community, member profile pictures are missing...etc. Further, I keep getting complaints from our guest bloggers. Would really hope someone from the support team could seriously drill down to the root cause and resolve all the issues once and for all. Please help!   
  4. Hi Marc, thanks for your reply. My ticket is 935079. Please have a look. Seriously need your help. Thanks again
  5. Hi there, After the IPS 4 installation last week, blog entries import via RSS have stop working, which is the main activity and critical part of our community. After installation, existing blog entries showed duplicated entries. And forum members registered via Facebook are not showing profile pic. Really hope your support team could seriously look into my issues. Many thanks.   
  6. Hi Tom, wondering if you'll be releasing IPB4 theme for PULSE? Thanks

  7. Hi there, I have registered a domain name with Google and would like to set up subdomain, eg., for my IPB's Hosted Communities Package of which I will be registering soon. Could anyone please guide me through creating my subdomain in Google? How should I go about it? Shall I register IPB's Hosted Communities Package and request for IPB's IP address prior to my creation of subdomain? Your HELP will be very much appreciation. Many thanks!!! Best regards, Stuart