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  1. I suggest better to hire people to post in the forums or start a contest where the person that posted most (take care of spammy posts) win something: coups, t-shirts, usb stick. etc. There are a lot of people that engage in contests and not the value of the prize is important but the idea of winning something.
  2. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    [quote name='DawPi' timestamp='1320756389'] Hello,I don't have demo, but I can send you an encoded copy for a 7 days.. PM me if you're interested. I'm interested in an encoded demo version so I can test as well. I'm also wondering if I should purchase this or IP Nexus coz I see nexus have advertising options as well no ?
  3. IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style

    Get rid of that pink.. Please :thumbsup:
  4. IS there a developer guide for gateways. My niche is using some different payment processors like AlertPay for example so I need to code my self this gateways. I dont expect to see them available in nexus as there are not too popular but I have the will to code myself. just need an dev guide of the functions used so I can insert payment processors SCI and IPN functions
  5. All 3.2.0 updates are related to calendar?! Personally Im not using calendar at all. so wondering if I should update when the new version comes up
  6. Where I can test the all functionality of Nexus? Is there any demo version available for download ?!