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  1. Images in RSS feed

    How can one get images in IPboard RSS feed. If we integrate IP Board RSS feed into external website page via RSS reader, you just get text. I would like to know if there is a way it gets the first image in topic post or the image of author like displayed in Recent Topics box in index page of this forum to appear in RSS feed. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Posted in Tracker
  3. The members restricted from posting are able to post from mobile theme. Is this a bug?
  4. Please suggest thanks.
  5. Hi, I have upgraded to 3.3.1 The members restricted from posting are able to post from mobile theme. Is this a bug? Regards.
  6. Active reports

    Hi, I have figured this out. 1. Keep the section moderators in a seperate member group Eg. Section Mod 2. Go to system settings - members - warning and moderation - Report center and in "can view report center' select the required group (eg. Section Mod) Good Luck :smile:
  7. Active reports

    Hi, I have made couple of members as moderators for a particular section. How can I make them see the reports reported by others in that section. They can see the moderator cp, but can't seem to see the active reports. If I give them supermoderator status, they can see reports but they will have the power to edit all sections, I want their moderating ability to be limited to one section. Thanks in advance
  8. Mass Delete Posts

    Hmm. I am not getting the hover menu. After I select I see, "with selected" at right side bottom of page (moderator options) getting populated and I select the delete option from drop down and delete, it takes me to a page which says hide posts. Did you apply any code after upgrading to 3.3.1?
  9. Mass Delete Posts

    I think in earlier version the new page used to have two columns. hide posts and delete posts
  10. Mass Delete Posts

    How can I do it in 3.3.1 If I would like to delete 10 posts in a topic, I select them and use delete option, all it does is, take me to a new page asking me if I would like to hide the posts? I want to delete the posts. If I hide, I would like to delete them again at some point. Even in moderator cp, I am able to delete one post at a time, making it double work for the moderator/admin. Please suggest.
  11. Member Validation Info

    I agree, Its a useful feature for big forums, where we see roughly 50-100 registrations each day.
  12. Controlling image display in 3.2

    Thanks for the feedback guys. +1 from my side to get it back toooo.
  13. Features removed from 3.1.4

    Matt can you please address this issue. Thanks.
  14. Features removed from 3.1.4

    I hope they bring back this feature of disabling images. It's one of the most important feature for people browsing from work space and outside.
  15. Controlling image display in 3.2

    Hi Brandon, I would like to express the same opinion as Nimdock, most of the users use this option, when accessing site from office or university. Bandwidth here is secondary.