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  1. Seems like IPB 3.1 is littl heavy than older one. It needs more memory for my site. any body else got fatal error

    1. Carl M

      Carl M

      Disable all of your hooks - then re add them i got this error in testing

    2. Carl M

      Carl M

  2. upgrading. I hope some day IPB gets WordPress like AutoUpgrade

    1. Amy T

      Amy T

      That would be nice yes.

  3. IPB 3.1: Search Engine Optimization Part Deux

    I would suggest you to take a look at SEO plugin for wordpress and what it does. If you can get it to IBP that would be awesome.
  4. IPB 3.1: Search Engine Optimization Part Deux

    You people did more than what was expected in 3.1. If IPB can get this seo completely inside core IPB 4.0 will sell like hot cakes. Thanks for the SEO stuff.
  5. I wish IPB Portal gets FURL