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  1. Unread Topic Badge

    Great feature! Many thanks!
  2. Reply to status update widget

    Seems like this feature should not have been removed in the first place. But thanks to this developer for the add-on! Purchased it, and works great! Recommended!
  3. Bizzy Theme - 3 in 1 (IPS4.1)

    Great theme with many options. And the customer service is OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend not only this product, but the developer/seller. I won't hesitate buying other products from them in the future.
  4. IP Content Basics Video Tutorial

    Agreed! Please post some detailed ipContent video tutorials -- not just of how to create a simple page, but how to create the Blocks, and how to add those to your page, etc., etc. Really, an in-depth Step-by-Step, From-Start-to-Finish collection of online videos for using ipContent would be great! Thanks for your consideration.