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  1. Selling my site, if anyone is intrested make an offer

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    2. .Ian


      £2.50, a big mac & I'll raise you a tin of baked beans

    3. Eduardo Bautista
    4. Painted Horse

      Painted Horse

      Why are you selling?
      And it'd be quicker for you to sell if you already had a figure in mind.

  2. Any coders fancy earning some cash by coding me a colour font for shoutbox?

    1. Michael


      You can just use the bbcode in there.

    2. Alan.T


      Yeh but i want it set so it dont change mate

  3. Idea

    Yeh deffo ant. I was just commenting on peoples status then and it came to my head. It would be too much like facebook yes, but would still be a nice feature as theres quite a bit of fuctions of facebook on the 3.1
  4. Idea

    Was wondering if IPB could make status update with a like button. So you can like there status aswell as comment it
  5. Antony kinston is a legend, sorted my site in mins, thats what u call good support

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    2. Collin1000


      Agreed. Love Anthony!

    3. Wolfie


      He's been in the IPB world for several years now, that's how he's so good. :)

    4. Alan.T


      I Know wolfie, just shows you people do help you

  6. Been hacked , anthony best hurry up and reply!

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    2. AndyF


      :o , am sorry to hear that :(

    3. Alan.T


      he is telling me to buy my site back for 250 quid ahha

    4. Fishfish0001


      Just contact your host O.O

  7. What can be improve from 3.1?

    I agree to that one. Maybe do like a fan page or something
  8. Is happy IPB 3.1 Spot On For Me :)

  9. View Topic preview

    I Cant see it atall
  10. Yes Finally The Wait Is Over :) IPB Rocks

  11. Should I get the iPad?

    Its pointless getting it really if you have a computer
  12. Hiiiiii

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      Well good afternoon!

    2. Alan.T


      You alright mate?

  13. Should I get the iPad?

    I got one didnt like it so sent it back aha
  14. Is Hungover :(