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  1. I just tried it. Looks like it's working great and auto embedding just like it's suppose to. Looking good guys!     
  2. It has a spoiler. You have to manually add it though in your ACP settings. 
  3. I thought I would leave some feedback here also. Seems like there is so much hate with the new version of IPB 4. I just came from the latest version of Xenforo back to IPB. Now a lot of people have been asking me why. I have even had people on here PMing me on here asking if I am crazy. Seem like most people are converting the opposite way. But I like a lot of new things they have done with IPB 4. I first have to convert into the 3.4.8 version before going to 4. It was a little bit of work but got everything imported in expect Member's passwords. Not to big of a deal. Now the upgrade to 4 could had been a little more clear, but thanks to some Members here on this board I got it figured out and was able to get it upgraded. The only thing not really working at the moment is the whole Youtube video thing which @Lindy has spoken about and is gonna try to fix. I have a ticket in for it and @Rhett is looking into. Once this is take care of and they re-appear again I will be all the way happy. Alot of people complain because it doesn't have a lot of advance features in the ACP, but honestly sometime you can get confused. I would get so confused with the permissions for member groups etc. IPB has them simplified and easy to understand. Another great feature is the support built into the ACP. I love how it creates an admin user for you automatically so support can log in and then you can delete afterwards. This is an amazing feature! I hated having to create a Admin user in Xenforo and it was a hassle where I didn't even want to submit a ticket. This is also great for support to be able to help people that may not be as knowledgeable as others. I for one love the new activity feed also. Plus skins were never my favorite with Xenforo. You have a couple of great skin makers over there but alot of them are starting to lack in support and releases. With IPB you also have @ehren. skin's and support. I know IPB has some bugs right now but I am sure they will be fixed in time. I can't wait to try the auto update feature on the next release. So far I am enjoying it so far and still poking around with some features and am looking to more features being added in the future. Just get the Youtube video issues fixed and I will be happy. So keep up the great work with IPB guys after every release it's getting better and better! 
  4. I do have a ticket open already @Lindy # 933433 but they were also blaming my host. I just switched from Xenforo less then 24hrs earlier and everything was working fine. I would really like to use your software and and am enjoying it except for the Youtube videos not being embedded.
  5. It's also not working on my site. But this shows it is reachable. root@cpanel [/home/fluxoid/public_html]# curl -Is | head -n 1 HTTP/1.1 200 OK root@cpanel [/home/fluxoid/public_html]#  
  6. Having basically the same problem. Was working fine on my Xenforo site less than 24hrs ago. After switching they are blaming my host from blocking Youtube. Host is running other forums on the same server with no problems. We will see what they say to my response ticket. But defiantly a problem with IPB and not the hosts. Everything else is working great with IPB though besides the videos.
  7. Xenforo to IPB

    Bump, can anyone answer my question?
  8. @Charlie can you answer my question please?
  9. Xenforo to IPB

    I am trying to get a clear answer before renewing my license about converting from Xenforo to IPB. I know you have to go to 3.4.8 first then upgrade to 4 from there. My question is does the current convert convert the latest version of Xenforo 1.5.2. The only thing I can find about it is that your convert page says "Xenforo 1.1". So just want to make sure that I can go from the latest Xenforo to the 3.4.8 then to the 4. Thank you!
  10. Basically once I can get confirmation that I can switch to the 3.4.8 version and upgrade from there, I am ready to make the switch.
  11. Thanks for the reply @Charlie. Will the converter work with the latest version of Xenforo 1.5.2? 
  12. Just wondering if you have a converter for Xenforo to IPB 4 yet?
  13. Where's a good website to find themes?

    The best skins and support.
  14. Can i convert from xenforo to ips4?

    Do you still plan on specifically releasing one for Xenforo for a fresh install of 4 or is this going to be the only way?
  15. Theme updates (code changes)

    They should provide a report almost ever other forum software maker does. After each release there should be a change log so that designers can know what to update/change. I find it strange that no official staff member has at least made a comment about it. At least an acknowledgement or something. Hope you guys get some sort or response soon @ehren. @Tom Christian and others.