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  1. While 3.1 may have been released in late 2010, 3.2 wasn't released until late July, 2011. Meaning less than 2 years to EOL. And it's not like it's recommended procedure to upgrade immediately whenever a new version is released either. In my mind the keyword here is CRITICAL. It's confirmed, it's dangerous and it's known. No one's asking for unlimited support of older software. To bring up 2.x is irrelevant. I've been with you guys since '04 so I pretty well know I'm whizzin' into the wind here. Just sayin'. Ignoring a critical patch for software that is not terribly old, with a somewhat intensive upgrade path, is gonna leave a lot of people vulnerable.
  2. Since this is a CRITICAL update, IPS is basically leaving untold sites twisting in the wind. I understand the need to put old software to rest, but since the 3.x series is still current, it is not unreasonable to expect some will wait to update until the 4.x release. If the update process from 3.1 software wasn't daunting, I would say you are being realistic to expect people to upgrade to a newer version. But since it will entail quite a bit of work, this policy will leave a LOT of customers AT RISK. I have been waiting to see what 4.0 brings to the table before deciding whether IPS is still the best solution for my needs. I currently turned my board off and will have to make this determination based on the current software. I simply am unwilling to renew all my third party apps and hooks at this time. I updated my other board (3.2) promptly. Since IPS hasn't said otherwise, I must assume this security hole puts me at risk.
  3. No More Post Link Popups?

    Do you have any idea how many people have no idea such a thing as "right click" even exists? I have tried for years to get my wife to use right click to no avail. If she can't find a button, she loses a feature, pure and simple.
  4. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Introducing Block Templates

    This. is. awesome.........
  5. Why do people love to hate Apple?

    Thanks. Don't pay much attention to Apple stuff since I don't use it. But this thread got me wondering. Seems the web would be a different place without flash. :)
  6. Why do people love to hate Apple?

    Thanks, but that would be the iPhone and iPad, correct? I'm not bashing, just curious. How do they handle flash content?
  7. Why do people love to hate Apple?

    I have a question, as a person who has never used an Apple product; How does Apple handle flash? I understand it's not supported, but what does this mean in use? Is it somehow emulated by something else? Or is flash stuff just ignored and missing? I've always wondered about this when hearing Apple doesn't support flash.
  8. Our behavior on IP Board

    I have my browser set to land on the forum index. From there I scroll down the sidebar checking the blogs and then down to newest files. Then I hit VNC. Sometimes I'll check my content for new posts. Never browse the forum index.
  9. Why do people love to hate Apple?

    Just reading the pro-Apple posts it really seems you guys make a lot of concessions for the privilege of owning an Apple product. No games, coding or hardware upgrades. Extra upfront cost (significant) less compatibility with the rest of the world. I'm not a hater, I would love to be able to slap OSX onto a homebuilt computer. But no can do, kimosabi. Other than that, I'm just not gonna shell out a whole bunch of extra dough for somewhat limited capabilities. I kinda wonder why people are such fans of Apple in the first place. Nothing to hate, just wonder........
  10. ACP suggestion.... hover delay.

    I dunno. When I'm bored I like to open my ACP and play chase the dropdowns. :ike:
  11. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Yea man, this is one useful add on! Easy to use and free too. Highly recommended.
  12. Features removed from 3.1.4

    Quite frankly, I think a lot of the issues with this update stem from the numbering system. Let's face it, this is a new version of the software, not just an update to 3.x. I know maybe technically this is still a branch of the 3.x series, but for all intents and purposes for the laypeople out here, a new version number would have communicated better the scope of the changes. New feature set, new skin, etc. It just isn't going to be an easy transition for a lot of folks and there is a difference in a lot of peoples minds between an update and an upgrade to a new version. This isn't going to be simple for those of us with second party features. The mindset we need to have is to prepare for a fairly major upgrade. It is a fresh take on the product. It mostly hits the mark and will be worthwhile in the end. But prepare for a more or less complete overhaul as opposed to a few code updates. I am waiting on a few things before upgrading my 3.1.4 board. But I have started a new board with 3.2 and it is very nice. Different. But over-all a better user-experience for all. It won't take long after the hard work is done to settle back in and appreciate the shiny new version. A little kicking and screaming along the way isn't going to hurt anyone, of course. But waiting until all your pieces are in place before making the move will pay off in the end. There's no security reasons for upgrading, so take your time. Do it right. Adjust to the changes. I did and I'm pretty happy with it. ;)
  13. This isn't a major issue for me personally, but I can really appreciate it being a problem for some. As someone else pointed out, sometimes it is desirable to follow a specific theme throughout the board. If it is a gamer site or roleplaying, then I can see why the site might want members to use supplied avatars. My feeling is avatars and anonymity are big advantages over the social networking sites where you reveal all your personal info to the entire internet. I am one who enjoys as much privacy as possible while still being able to interact with others. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it?
  14. I will say that I haven't upgraded my existing 3.1.4 board yet. That's really a different ball of wax. But, I just started a completely new board with a good buddy and we are fortunate enough to have a good group of members already who were used to a pretty crummy setup. So we are all loving this software. My buddy has another board too and he is wanting to port over to IPB. I tried to keep an open mind about the changes, although I will admit I was pretty upset about losing the notepad feature. :P I honestly think IPS did a good job of listening and adding back a few key things and would think they might even add back another or two. (avatar galleries, maybe? ) But really, to move forward, it is often necessary to leave some things behind. That was a little jarring to me at first. The nice thing about starting from scratch was it allowed me to feel this software out as it is, rather than upgrading and comparing it as it was. This is a step forward. If you are moving from the old to new, you might want to take your time and gradually ease into it. My hope is IP.Content will round out the package and set IPS firmly in the lead. Just so no one thinks I've gone all fanboi here, still not real crazy about the skin. But it's good enough and don't usually use the default anyway. :)
  15. I've had it since final was released, but finally got it up and running and now I'm finished. My opinion now is 3.2 is awfully good. I hate it when I'm wrong, but my initial feeling about the changes were not positive. No more! Now that I have launched a new community using 3.2 I'm pretty well sold on it. Congrats IPB, you've managed to turn this stubborn old goat around............