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  1. 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP

    So if I read this right, the update to the skin system will make it so that when there is a IPB software upgrade, our skins won't become broken and need to be updated as much by the maker?
  2. Migrate from JCINK to IPB?

    I did not host my site on IPB hosting, I use a external hosting service like hostgator, godaddy, ect. So I really can't answer 1. 2. Once you buy the license, on the main IPB website there is a area called client area where you can ask for support, get latest updates, ect. 3. IPB offers their hosting which sounds like you want to do, but I used a different hosting but there both the samething when it comes to 'Import your single .sql backup file into a new database on your new webhost'.
  3. Migrate from JCINK to IPB?

    I can confirm it's possible to transfer from jcink as I've done it myself (you can see my once hosted jcink site in my sig link) as you can see here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Pretty much do everything there and open a support ticket and the IPB install team should be able to do the rest. If I remember right there was a few problems with the upgrade but nothing major. I wish you luck.
  4. Include link to reported topic

    I've looked around to see if I missed a setting for this and I couldn't see it, but this past week I had some reported content on my forum on a few old topics I missed and when checking out the report there was no link to the topic reported just a mention of the board the reported content is in. I think it should be added that when viewing a report there is a direct link to either the topic or the post that has been reported. It would make things easier and quicker for the staff.
  5. Better IM images?

    one of my members who has a SMF board has pointed out the default IM images on IPB aren't as clean as the ones on SMF. He made this comparison: A image of what he is talking about if they don't load: Some are clearly better, these should be updated.
  6. Looking for Converter Script

    thank you for your help, I have uploaded everything into my webhost and I have sent a support ticket for the upgrading and conf_global.php.
  7. Looking for Converter Script

    sorry to ask another question, but my co-admins feel I am not being clear and that we might run a problem with using our a forum data. So to be clear, I will be uploading a single SQL file of my IPB 1.3 board data (not uploading a actual IPB 1.3 board or board files just the SQL database) first to my webhost then I upload all the IPB 3 files and it will take that SQL database file and put it on the IPB 3 board.
  8. Looking for Converter Script

    thanks for the help, I should be able to do this. one last question I have is, how long does the upgrade process take?
  9. Looking for Converter Script

    ok, this is how I am going to do it and how it should turn out: so I upload my current IPB 1.3 board to the webhost (first) I want my IPB 3 board to be on and upload both board files to the same file folder location. By then I should be able to access both boards (or at least IPB 3 board) once the domain link connects I can get into the ACP on IPB 3 and use the upgrade option which will detect the IPB 1.3 data in the webhost file location and upgrade (transfer) all data into the IPB 3 board. Then afterwords I would delete the IPB 1.3 data from the filehost and fix any problems that might happen or arise. dose this sound right?
  10. Looking for Converter Script

    So to be clear on what I am doing here: I buy the self hosted license for IPB 3 and get it onto my computer. I upload it to my webhost and once it is set up so I can access it on the net I go to the ACP and click on the upgrade option and upload the data from my old IPB and it will get everything upgraded and loaded up to the new version? OR I get the self hosted license for IPB 3 and get it onto my computer. I upload it to my webhost and once it is loaded and can be accessed I can send a ticket to IPB with my old IPB data and they will take care of all the upgrading along with taking care of the conf_global.php? If you mean to do all this on my current IPB board, I can't do it as I don't have access to those options due to it being hosted by
  11. Looking for Converter Script

    alright then, where do I get the upgrade script?
  12. Looking for Converter Script

    Hello everyone on IPB, I am currently looking for a converter script that can convert my jcink hosted IPB version 1.3 forum up to IPB version 3 forum. I already got the needed data file from my forum for the conversion but I can't find a converter script on the IPB website. I did email the people at Customer Account Assistance sometime late last week but I have yet to get a email back from them and I hope to convert very soon.