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  1. Linked Blog

    It's a pointless feature because you can simply add your blog link to your profile page:
  2. Reset my Board

    1. Woof

      2 weeks ago i got spammed like crazy because i didn't set the "Question and Answer Challenge" so i had to reboot the entire board and now i'm back to zero.

  3. Ortix, the reason why you get people on your board is because you allow Hentai/Ecchi stuffs. Don't get me wrong, I love those stuffs but what kind of host provider are you using to allow such things? As for me, i'm using one of the IP.Community Host Package and I don't know if they will allow us to post cartoon pornography.

  4. Ortix    Woof

    i'm not sure if you understand the entire concept of a forum. It's there to build a community. When I look at your forum it's just such a broad and vague target that it's not going to work.
    I have animekyun.com and it took me almost half a year to get some good posting going. The main thing is that you need to post A LOT yourself and have GOOD CONTENT on your forum. P...

  5. It's http://anim.tv/

  6. what is the link to your forum

  7. Thinking of a way to get traffic

    1. ørret

      I recommend to put a TV commercial during Super Bowl.

    2. Woof

      There is no such thing of Super Bowl here in Canada.

  8. Amy T    Woof

    Love the avatar it is very cute.

  9. Wolf    Woof

    Your profile picture is adorable.

  10. Is there a solution on how to put my 500 emoticons in orders ? My emoticons are in numerical orders (example: 001.png 002.png 003.png 004.png ....)