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  1. Reset my Board

    1. AndyF
    2. Woof


      2 weeks ago i got spammed like crazy because i didn't set the "Question and Answer Challenge" so i had to reboot the entire board and now i'm back to zero.

    3. AndyF
  2. Ortix, the reason why you get people on your board is because you allow Hentai/Ecchi stuffs. Don't get me wrong, I love those stuffs but what kind of host provider are you using to allow such things? As for me, i'm using one of the IP.Community Host Package and I don't know if they will allow us to post cartoon pornography.

  3. i'm not sure if you understand the entire concept of a forum. It's there to build a community. When I look at your forum it's just such a broad and vague target that it's not going to work.
    I have animekyun.com and it took me almost half a year to get some good posting going. The main thing is that you need to post A LOT yourself and have GOOD CONTENT on your forum. P...

  4. It's http://anim.tv/

  5. what is the link to your forum

  6. Thinking of a way to get traffic

    1. ørret


      I recommend to put a TV commercial during Super Bowl.

    2. Woof


      There is no such thing of Super Bowl here in Canada.

  7. Love the avatar it is very cute.

  8. Your profile picture is adorable.

  9. Is there a solution on how to put my 500 emoticons in orders ? My emoticons are in numerical orders (example: 001.png 002.png 003.png 004.png ....)
  10. last time Jason emailed me this: This was the solution for 3.0.5 I did the code changing and works great for the IP.Board 3.0.5: works great for the IP.Chat: But now.. there's a problem... with 3.1.1 ... i see this on the /admin/applications/forums/modules_public/ajax/emoticons.php What is this ZEND ? Why the change ? Now my emoticons are displayed like this: