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  1. Remove Board Index Sidebar from Guests

    Thanks, this has been something I have wanted for a long time.
  2. I'm not sure this is the right forum to post this in so feel free to move it if it's not. A few months back I enabled Facebook and Twitter connect. Since then I have been getting more and more member signups this way. My problem is that with my normal member signups I have field (recieve admin emails) selected and I inform new members that this will be the way I will contact them about new lessons etc. Most new members leave this selected and I am able to contact them this way. However Facebook connect doesn't have this and since there is no way that I can see that I can contact them using the facebook connect app, they are more than likely never to return to my site again. I know that there is an option on some sites that I have joined using facebook connect (not IPB sites) where there is an option to enable the admins on the site to contact me using my email but the IPB facebook connect doesn't have this. I am at the stage where I think I might disable facebook connect as I think it's possible I am losing sales because of my inabilty to contact my facebook connect members. Does anyone have any advice on what can be done about this as I see it as a big problem with getting members to return to my site after they have initailly joined up. Thanks Clancy
  3. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Navigation Bar

    Looks nice, can't wait!
  4. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: New Toys

    A currently viewing block, that's great news! I've been wanting this for a while now.
  5. Embedding mp3 attachments

    I would like this too.
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor

  7. I'd really like to see the option to be able to show users who are viewing an IP.Content page. I know if you go to the online users page you can see who is viewing any one of your IP.Content pages but it would be great to be able to show them on the page itself as well... much like in topic view where you can see who is viewing a topic. Clancy
  8. I think the media upload section to the Gallery could be improved relating to the thumbnail submission for Media types. With the current system if thumbnails are disallowed for any one media type or even for all media types, the member is still shown the Thumbnail for Media upload field when submitting their Media file. This would be confusing for the member as they would think they were allowed to upload a thumbnail in all cases and when the thumbnail that they submit fails to show they would think it was a bug in the system. My suggestion is that if all media type thumbnails are disallowed then the "Thumbnail for Media" field shouldn't show up at all... and since there is an option to disable or enable thumbnails for individual media types, I think the option to upload a thumbnail needs to be offered after the uploading of the media type so that the system then knows whether the thumbnail is allowed for the media type submitted... hope I've explained that well enough. Also, when you go to upload a Media file, the submit button says "Submit Image" not "Submit Media" and it shows "Photo Information" not "Media Information" just above the Caption field. Clancy
  9. Ok, thanks for that Brandon.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up Wolfie. Cheers Clancy
  11. Ah ok. Thanks for clearing that up. Also just curious about what is considered a suggestion rather than a bug... I put this in as a suggestion, but the other "login issue" that I linked to above was considered a bug. Just wondering why the login redirecting to the forum home was considered a bug but the logout redirecting to the forum home was seen as something that should be put in as a suggestion. Clancy
  12. Just curious Brandon, does this not relate to IP.Content more than IPB? Clancy
  13. This is related to this bug that has now been addressed. This I was told should be put in as a suggestion although I think it relates to the other which was submitted as a bug. When you logout from an IP.Content page, you get redirected back to the forum home. If you are using IP.Content in your root directory and as your index home page, then surely it makes sense that the logout redirect should be your home index page rather than the forum index. I would prefer it logged out and redirected back to the page the user logged out from... but back to the index page would be much preferable to the forum home page. That's just confusing for the user I think. Clancy
  14. Well I was told by support in the client area that it wasn't really a bug and to post it in the suggestions forum... to me it could be either or...
  15. I'm not really sure if this should be submitted as a bug or a suggestion... but at the moment, when you search your IP.Content pages, the Default error page that you set in your IP.Content settings turns up in the search results. It would be great if this could be omitted as it really shouldn't be showing up and looks like an error in itself. Would love to see this fixed. Clancy