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  1. Video Tutorials?

    i also agree i would buy it if i could used it a vid would be a good start and easy
  2. Drop down menu system

    try thishttp://javascriptsou...-down-menu.html or thishttp://dropdownmenuhtml.com/ and thishttp://www.grsites.com/
  3. Features removed from 3.1.4

    my link was removed also delete my cookies why on earth do you remove all those features so we have tp pay for some hooks
  4. Question Before I Buy IPgallery

    yes i think you can
  5. What is your thoughts?

    i think its great lot better then vb board
  6. forum

    thankyou for your reply
  7. forum

    hi when you buy a board price 149usd is that for life or just one year cheers
  8. IP.Links

    s there any way of adding custom fields to Links? I've been using PHPMyDirectory, but since converting to IPB it makes sense to use a package that plugs-in to the core of the site and uses the same permissions, layout etc. However, the links are to cycling shops where people can take their bikes for repair, so just having a web link and short description isn't really suitable - at the least I want to put an address and telephone number. Is there any way to add these to the listings? If not, I might hold off on adding the links as I don't fancy going back through them all later on to add the extra detals - it makes sense to do it all in one shot so-to-speak
  9. The Twitter Connect

    as botpreaches as said 1) Aligning with an existing account 2) Creating a new account on login
  10. Please help me with domain!

    do you have a host for your forum if not go to siteground and get a free domain name host from 3.95 per month usd
  11. How do i pay for me and my friends site

    hi go to client area top of page
  12. PM Notifications

    i agree with you there i like the old way it would be nice if they was a mod or something the new way you can mis pm but the old way it drop down on your screen so you cant mis it can we have it back please