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  1. http://www.ipbforumskins.comehren. is dependable, honest and a terrific designer.
  2. Yeah, a lot of default stuff, but some tweaks and adds by me.

  3. That video thing is awesome, man! Did you do that yourself?

  4. Schedule slider is 100% complete. Lemme know if you ever want the code. I redesigned each game location. Looks pretty good.

  5. Thanks man. Slowly getting there. Will turn up the heat once the beta is released. Right now, just screwing with the style and hopefully I won't have to do many reverts lol.

  6. Your IPB site is looking great, man...I love that slider.

  7. Added that schedule to my forum home

  8. If you need help with anything, man, just ask.

  9. Hey, Cheyne! Glad to see you made it over.

  10. Congratulations, Andy!

  11. Tyler, TX?!
    I was just at your facility a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Pulse by IPS Themes

  13. Manage Validating Members

  14. [IF] IPB Shoutbox