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  1. Especially for it being a paid product. I could understand if it were an all volunteer project like phpBB or SMF. But when you ask people to cough up a hundred bucks, you should probably have your ducks in a row.vB is more like a faded memory now. XenForo and IPB reign supreme in the paid realm, with phpBB and SMF in the Open Source world.
  2. Favorite Browser?

    ​More like the people who are against IE know pretty well how horrible it actually is to develop things for
  3. Favorite Browser?

    ​Please, please tell me you are joking...For me, I use Chrome. Better the devil you know.
  4. Stripe Integration with IP.Nexus

    Are there any plans to integrate the Stripe API with IP.Nexus in the future? If so, this would be a selling point in my eyes as I have had tremendous success with Stripe so far. I've tried things like Authorize.net and Paypal, but stripe takes the cake. Anyways, I thought it would be worth a shot to see if this was already implemented or is going to be in the future. Thanks for your time.
  5. Linkedin Connect

    +1 from me as well.
  6. My website's homepage

    Since you have you forum located in a subdir, you'd have to either move your forum to the root dir, or add an index.php file with these contents:<?php header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently'); header('Location: http://pandemoniummc.com/forums'); ?> This will redirect visitors to your forums instead of the index listing. Next, if you want the portal to be the main page, open up your initdata.php file and find this line: if ( ! defined( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP' ) ) { define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'forums' ); } You will have to changed the it from 'forums' to whatever app you want to be the main page. If you are using IP.Content, it will be 'ccs' and if you are using the default portal, it would be 'portal'.
  7. License key warning on localhost

    That actually wouldn't be a bad idea.... Have a separate license key for dev installs and another for public installs.
  8. Edited by Icon looks Cut off

  9. License key warning on localhost

    The cake is a lie.
  10. Edited by Icon looks Cut off

    I think the "edited by" should float right of the timestamp IMO.
  11. Working on a new app. Details to ensue shortly.

  12. License key warning on localhost

    Never bothered me. Firebug ftw.
  13. What do you like most about 3.2.0

    I like... everything. The design is much easier on the eyes. And it just flows much easier.
  14. So MGC.net has closed... Xbox has really screwed the pooch...

    1. Shadow82x


      What happened?

    2. Kyanar


      Basically, Shadow, MGC had to shut down because they simply can't legitimately compete with shady sites and products that screen scrape the Xbox website to get data which MS doesn't offer via the XCDP interface. Products like the one JBlaze sells.

    3. VioAdmin


      They failed to adapt, sad It was a very nice service for years.

  15. need help getting started with Zend framework

    Ain't that the truth. I find working with frameworks like CodeIgniter and it's PHP5-only fork Kohana much, much easier. I prefer frameworks that don't generate code for you. It's rather annoying. Also, they're not as hefty as ZF, nor as resource intensive. I know there are a few forum projects out there that rely on ZF like XenForo, but I have yet to find a good reason to use ZF. On a side note, I'm actually getting around to scheduling my PHP 5.3 ZCE exam :)