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  1. Change Twitter share

  2. Change Twitter share

    What file contains this data, i wanna change that?
  3. Change Twitter share

    You can set default hastag in to twitter share from ACP. If i use IPB button to share into Twitter, it is like this now TITLE #DEFAULTHASTAG URL It should be like this TITLE URL #DEFAULTHASTAG Hastags belongs end of tweet.
  4. That feature has been broken since 4.0. If you use it with google ads, it doesnt work. When you going to fix it?
  5. Sliding Facebook Fanpage

    Works only with default skin...
  6. 4.1 url shortening

    Its gone, why?
  7. I have wondered why my database articles are taking so long to get google. I have used "recommended settings" for sitemap. I opened it, and seems default setting is "Do not include database records" Whyyyy is that?  
  8. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    Does 4.0.x translations upgrade to 4.1? Or do i need to start from 0 again?
  9. Forum posts shows IP, database comments doesnt. This should be fixed. How do i ban trols if i cant see their IP-adress?
  10. Responsive banners?

    <a href="http://*******.net/" target="_blank"><img src="http://****.fi/****.png" alt="****" style="max-width:100%"></a>I use that. HMTL banner, img style max-width:100%
  11. Posting sql examples here denied

    Yes, but that is how it behives now. UPDATE ipb_forums_posts SET post = REPLACE(post,'http://hoitajat.net/foorumi/public/style_emoticons/default/','http://hoitajat.net/public/style_emoticons/default/');     If i put that in code box, it blocks it
  12. Posting sql examples here denied

    Weird thing is, it blocks it if its in code box, not if i just paste it as plain text. Should be other way
  13. Posting sql examples here denied

    Yep, try put it to code box @Square Wheels
  14. Posting sql examples here denied

    Weird, i got error message and support staff sayd its denied. I try to post this http://pastebin.com/gbWR34mp Get this error: 
  15. I think its a little rediculous that you cant post sql querys in code box in here. Just my opinion. If i wanna show sql commands, i have to post screenshots.