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  1. PTiCA1 added a comment on a file Classifieds   

    Approximate date of completion? It's the last thing you need for a successful upgrade to IPB4
  2. PTiCA1 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Poor display profile picture on iPad
    If the user has an incomplete picture in your profile. On the iPad, not all of the information correctly.
    More on the attached screenshoru

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  3. PTiCA1 added a post in a topic Questions about IPS Connect   

    How to do that after login transferred and user groups?

    So when I log in as a moderator on another forum I've still got the basic user group.

    Thanks for the advice
  4. PTiCA1 added a post in a topic Please, don't forget to fix this shame in 4.x   

    I have advocated for better pictures in the gallery name.

    med_gallery image name for all images is really terrible. I would recommend the name of the picture according to the actual image name.
  5. PTiCA1 added a post in a topic Auto-resize lightbox images in posts   

    For us in the forum is the same problem.
    Would best be solved this way, control the uploaded pictures and possible shrink him straight to a given size. For example, 800x600 and the original image is erased. It will save disk space and users will also be satisfied.