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  1. Xmas Time theme

    Url to a board using this? I would like to see that or full size screen shot please.
  2. worldrecord.png

  3. Nexus Examples

  4. [feature request] Shipping Address

    This would be handy for me. I use IPB for my floral shop and 99.99% of all orders are flower deliveries to someone else. I use the custom package fields for delivery name, address, phone, etc... and it works fine as we have sold a load of products thru Nexus.
  5. Auto Print Invoice

    Wouldn't that have every email I get printed? Seems a waste of paper.
  6. Auto Print Invoice

    Not sure if this would help anyone but me, but having Nexus automatically print an invoice when an order comes in would be nice. Being in the flower business has become a bit of a pain getting flooded with V-Day orders and having to continually check the computer for orders, if it were to auto print them it would be hugely helpful.
  7. Password options - IPB vs VB vs Other?

    #1- I use that app and I pretty certain there isn't a password option for the groups, they are public, private and hidden, hidden is by invite only. #2-when creating a forum you have the option to have it password accessible.
  8. Global forums rule

    If you are using the same rules for all forums, wouldn't it be easier and more visually pleasing to use the forum guidelines? Isn't that what it is for and use the forum rules to be a bit more specific on individual forums? Or am I missing to point all together?
  9. Emoticon Management Screen

    I agree with doing something different with the way these are managed. Very few things I want changed, this is one of them.
  10. The worst/dumbest thing you've done to/on your site?

    Forgetting to renew my domain, it got bought by a competitor, won't ever happen again ;(
  11. Feature Request -> Cash On Delivery

    I like this idea, would be nice for a few of our flower deliveries around town.
  12. IPB 3.2 Trash Can

    Yep, this is what I did on my floral forum, works just as good as the 3.1 method.
  13. RSS Feed from IP.Nexus?

    I am for all this.
  14. IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Hosting

    SOunds great!!!
  15. IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Storefront

    Awesome, this will be perfect for me.