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  1. DesignzShop added a post in a topic Why are Designzshop skins removed from Marketplace?   

    @TheSonic, Thank you

  2. DesignzShop added a post in a topic custom.css not affecting the AdminCP anymore   

    This was a tough one for me. I spent many hours making ACP's for all my themes. As it stands now I would need to
    Remove all css from my original SkinzTake very large amounts of time to make new ACP's for all SkinzEdit and maintain directly edited files in the new acp skinz - the whole idea behind my themes was to utilize the cool new custom.css for everything.
    On top of this, let's say I had 30 themes in my dev site acp, that would now increase to 60. Some have more themes than I. Just a lot to look at there and lot's of scrolling every-time you need to edit something possibly. I know designers are not in the majority for what's stored theme wise in the acp, it still puts a larger burden on us however.

    IMO we need a custom.css at minimum to keep us out of editing as many files as possible. Having basically 2 themes per theme will take up some real-estate in the acp, I could live with that if need be as long as I could stay away from editing and maintaining individual css/templates. I would personally like to see this go back to the way it was using one file. As of now, I did mention to my Skinz clients I would not be adding a acp theme back in for a bit and possibly not at all. We have changes still taking place due to the maturity of the software possibly and I understand that, I just can't put the large amount of time required into doing this and have changes again possibly. In hopes we get something figured.

  3. DesignzShop added a comment [4.0.9] custom.css does not affect the AdminCP anymore   

    I have to agree here. The backbone of my designs relies on not changing css files and very little default templates. I can't see a way around not leaving the admin panel out of my themes now tbh..
  4. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Blocks to specific forums shows in others
    If I create a custom block and add it to a specific forum sidebar, that blocks shows in all forums sidebars. This may be WAI? 
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  5. DesignzShop added a comment [4.0.8] Designers Mode cannot be disabled   


    Is there a fix for this? Kinda stuck without it. had to ask anyhow. Thanks
  6. DesignzShop added a comment IPC Staying logged in   

    Not sure now, this is happening here at IPB in the forums at times. Not all the time either. Sometimes I can refresh the page and it logs me in and sometimes it doesn't.
  7. DesignzShop added a post in a topic took a visit to the vbulletin forum and was surprised   

    Picked up 5 last year, haven't tried it until recently but the latest version is finally a bit better however, went ahead and bit the bullet and picked up XF... Much better...
  8. DesignzShop added a post in a topic IP.Content Blocks lost 95% of it's filtering options in 4.x?   

    I got just one thing to ask, let us name our blocks and have it show what the blocks named wherever we put it. Needing to create a custom block template just to add a title is too much work. Everything named "Latest Topics" doesn't fit in most places I need it too especially when adding a block to a database page that has no topics but maybe news, albums, cars, sales, whatever else that's not a topic... Blocks can be used of course but I really don't have the time to put into customizing each block when I need so many. Standard in 3.4
  9. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    IPC Staying logged in
    I can sign in and stay signed in  until I visit my site index ran by IPContent. I also can stay logged in until I visit a database page, then I need to log in again. Sometimes refresh works and sometimes it does not. This happens on 2 differnt sites/domains using IPC
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  10. DesignzShop added a comment Top Contributors Error code: 2C138/B   

    Thanks, I should of no doubt seen that, stressful evening last night it was... Should probably post a separate bug report for the off count when I get to it also...
  11. DesignzShop added a comment Top Contributors Error code: 2C138/B   

    Still happening, plus the users rep count is not the same as it is in their profile. I have a user his community rep is not the same in the all time top contributors list.

    Top Contributors list on "All Time" says he has 147 rep when in his profile it shows 604
  12. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Top Contributors Error code: 2C138/B
    When clicking the rep of a user in the Top Contributors block I get 
    Sorry, there is a problem
    The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
    Error code: 2C138/B

    Maybe I missed a setting however, I also tried letting the admin account get rep/give rep and still doesn't allow viewing.
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  13. DesignzShop added a review Marcher Technologies   

    Many many times over the years I have hired Marcher Technologies for custom work. Countless times my expectations have been met or exceeded. I have also purchased many applications from Marcher Tech always satisfied. Can't recommend enough.
  14. DesignzShop added a post in a topic Brandon Farber - Tier III (Advanced Development)   

    If there was only more of him... I think to myself ... Jason? 
  15. DesignzShop added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    My members are happy with the new 4.0 and have made public posts stating this, behind the scenes however I've been asked questions on the function of the editor and why it does some of the things it does like highlighting quotes and a few other things. From a skinning pov it shouldn't take a pro to make it work. The work needed to make it work across browsers is a lot.