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  1. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    I can understand that then Besides that, your avatar looks like the woman who played Tim Allen's wife on Home Improvement. We wouldn't want to see you mess up that Hollywood profile   Seriously here though, When 4 series was released there was some issues without doubt. We've seen most of those hurdles have been jumped.. I think everyone at this point needs to take a step back and realize this. I'm not defending IPB here however I've seen the product stabilize and bring us to a point where the software is good all the way around as a end-user and and for me a developer. I also can't say I myself have not been frustrated at times, the difference here is I usually take the frustration to the pm system and Lindy I'd personally like to see that happen a little more in regards to issues that make people get a little sideways. The community needs to get everyone on the same page, the 4.1 and soon to be 4.2 page is what I'm referring too here. More clients on 4.1 means more opportunity for the entire community. More developers and 3rd party applications & plugins will come forward, more community participation here at the forum and more. Certain ways topics are titled are deterrents really for 3.4 users to move forward. I agree issues need to be brought to the forefront, it's just how they are getting there that kinda bothers me as it's effecting progress to get everyone on the same page and let us move forward to the point 3.4 was at. Don't forget also Lindy is a GM guy, he can take the heat when customers have an issue or in the GM world, multiple issues You can also I think get a hold of Charles. He's been on some hiatus as of late and appears to need some action  
  2. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    It's just software? I think? You both literally cry? I may be able to understand some frustration, maybe even beating your head on a desk for a few times,  but crying? I really hope you wouldn't be that frustrated.   Kind Regards
  3. Gotta love being called a liar first thing in the morning... Didn't even get my first cup of Joe down..Well newb...did you check the site before posting? The url is in the screenshot.. lol... The sites still live as it has been for about 8 years or so ... lol... Had a good morning laugh today however... Next is you better check that image for alterations and being photo chopped, I'll wait for the "you are a liar" line now.. ... omg - too funny. You didn't even look at the site before posting Since this was done at gt metrix however I removed op cache and mem cache from the site. So it wont read at 100 anymore.  
  4. Building a PC - Need Help

    Used them for years and cheaper than doing it yourself. Can order anything anyway you want. My new one is supposed to be here Monday from them and I'm typing this out on the last one I got from them 3 years ago.  
  5. CKEditor alternative

    Yes, I could of worded that better I just wanted that one code btw - not a whole ck theme again but I understand Sir... That's why I made the initial post. Also having to edit a js file to edit a theme color is getting too far out there imo.
  6. CKEditor alternative

    If Marcher says this then you know it's an issue! When Marcher wont work on something for me and I can't get it, that's an issue. We are at a issue stage. All this could be avoided if someone would be customer orientated enough to say "Hey, we made a change and here's how you can fix it"... I've asked, IPB refuses to help on this or be kind enough to supply a answer to a change you made instead of expecting us to either find it or forget it or pay someone else.Cool/fair enough, I tired to get the best developer here to help as he has in the past very well, when he gives up, that's when I know it's over. Please consider giving a cleaner alternative that we can use what our custom.css is for, putting all of our css into.... Would or could you share the fix for the change Mark? Again, this would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  7. CKEditor alternative

    Please give us a ckeditor alternative. Skinning the ck editor has now become to the point we can't even reference common ck editor css rules like .cke_panel_frame {   background: #000 !important; } Besides this you need to edit 8 minimized ckeditor files in the editor to change a single rule and you need to divide up your custom.css for some rules on top of that.. It can't get any more sloppy and hard to follow imo. A beginners nightmare to dig into the editor on top of time consuming beyond for the experienced developer. and of course there is no documentation on this to complicate matters. No one documents changes or offers help for changes like this either we're just supposed to just "get it" or "forget it" On top of this the ckeditor function is just to much imo. My end users do not need all this to just write a post. Most of them just try the editor as of late and send me a pm telling me to fix it. LOL... Ck is beyond that I tell them and there's nothing I can do. please provide a cleaner alternative.
  8. Graphics Card

    I actually this weekend made some purchases because I myself was due for a new rig and monitor. I'm gonna move the setup I am on now for my family to use. Here's what I purchased and the prices I purchased it for. I'll explain a little bit also about a couple of the pieces of gear I got and why. Knowing fully what it takes for a successful HD set-up I went that route this time and my goal was everything for under 1700.00 US including the HD monitor. I missed my mark by 10.00 US or so but I think what I got is the best I could do for a decent 4k setup. Monitor: Best Buy Black Friday Deal. Got this local. Cost $399.99 USD Black Friday Deal Next is I waited until this time of year because the place I get my rigs from have some spectacular deals  just for Black Friday and Black Friday weekend. Now I could of got this rig a tad cheaper but I wanted a specific case they offered. I'll include a video to the case I purchased too from the company it comes from. Below is a copy of the actual printable purchase. A couple of mentions here. The Motherboard I picked and why... MOTHERBOARD: GIGABYTE GA-Z170X UD5 TH ATX w/ USB 3.1, 3 PCIe x16, 3PCIe x1, 3 SATA Express, 6 SATA3, 1 Ultra M.2 Native 4k Support offered. Great Price and Features for and in the board itself Thunderbolt technology - Really digging this.... The rest you can see for yourself and there's a lot on this particular mobo And here's what I ordered Cost: $1311.00 USD to my door. Normally this unit would of have cost me around1800.00 plus have it shipped so the 1311.00 for what got was a walk-away deal that I couldn't resist.. Rigs supposed to be shipped on or around the 11th of Dec... I'll post some pics.. . . A video on the case I picked   Total 4k budget build cost: $1710.95 USD Now keep in mind I could of gotten a different case and dropped the cost another 100.00 or better. I could of also skipped on a few other goodies so it's possible i believe to have a pretty good 4k setup for around 1600.00. It just took a lot of patience waiting for this time of year to get what wanted. The rig I got is tested to run at around 180 FPS. If I would increase my card from a 960 to 970 alone it would out my rig into the 260 fps area and of course a 980 would get me close to 300 fps. Hopefully info will give you a good idea of what this would take at minimum according to what I think anyhow. Normally the rig at 1800.00 and the monitor at 600.00 would of put me into the 2400.00 usd range. Waiting paid off bit for this imo and I saved around $700.00 usd.  
  9. Graphics Card

    cpu and gpu and of course your memory play a part in all of what you need to make everything work well in 4k. I personally had my last 2 pcs made from 1 company and got a better deal from them than I could build it myself on the best sales day of the year.. Been a long while but I was in pretty much in the same boat as you except I was trying to use graphics applications that were resource intensive..  Not being a gamer I thought I could look another way to resolve my issues however what I found out very fast is that excuse I was telling myself wasn't a good one because I really needed what a medium to higher end gaming pc had to offer for power and processing. I ordered one up years ago and never looked back. If I was to give any advice right now and especially right now with the pricing on stuff for the holidays, I would consider getting a custom built gaming pc. The I56600k has a lot to offer and the I76700k is just a screamer for the price. I seen deals right now for the i5 with a 960 4gb ddr5, 128mb ssd, 1tb hard drive,, water cooled, great looking case, 8gb ram, Asus Gaming Pro board at a 1000.00 usd and really lower because they give you another 5 percent off and that puts all that under a grand usd. So instead of spending the 300.00 you could or look for something a bit more and be set for a loooong time. --------- Most sites I look at them on make it a huge chore to figure out all the specs. For instance, I can't even find anything so far that tells if the 960 is 256 bit. You can go to Nvidia's website and under each card it has a link to see their specs Apparently the 970 is. Someone had told me to only get 256 bit or above. Also why are there a lot of different branded ones with the same model numbers? I guess some companies rebrand the same card, but add their own extras to them? Yes, that's correct. The same for the motherboard chipsets also. Also, if you happen to have some general ideas on what specs my computer needs to have to properly use one of them, that would be helpful, in case I overlook something in the details. It could end up cheaper to buy a whole new desktop with the good graphics card built in or I guess build my own, but I am not really comfortable building my own (not physically putting it together, that is) When the funds are available and you can afford it,, get the new gear imo. Thanks for the responses. I would say the 970 is barely in the price range I would spend. I wonder what is so much better about ones that are up at like $600 though. Also for some reason all of the 960 ones seem to be 2GB yet oddly ONE of them says 4GB. I wonder if its a misprint or if indeed some have different ram? Some of these units you are referring to are overclocked. Personally since you are not gaming I would stay away from anything OC'd. The straight 970or 960 for that matter 4gb for example is a great card. As a side note basically with Nvidia their cards like the 960 has "X" amount of cuda cores for example. The 970 doubles that and the 980 again doubles that. The more cores the more heat and a better way of disappointing that heat is needed. More fans,, piping, cooling etc... Those extra features of course add to the cost of the product thus getting into the higher price ranges you are referring too. Hope that helps
  10. Developer License

    As stated above in detail in my first post there would of course be restrictions to a dev license for example users. The software would have limitations right of the box as to where it could never be used in a manor as regular licensed software. Being a developer I understand what I need and it's not a free ride. It's a tool you pay for with limitations strictly for development purposes. Nothing nefarious happening here Possibly even another way IPB could make money. they would off me because it would be more affordable and allow me to do more for the product. For the record I do have more than 1 license right now and with all the apps   Regards
  11. Graphics Card

    Really pretty good advice to step down right now into just a quality monitor outside of 4k. I'd let 4k come down yet more in price and give the technology time to forward more to reduce cost to use.. Cards and monitors will come down a bit more as technology grows and has spent time in the market. There's some nice 32" monitors out right now at a great cost like the Samsung or even larger is the LG 47" monitor I've seen sneaking around on the net as of late (not sure if it's hit the US now or not). benQ has some really really cool monitors that colors are unreal on btw. Check out the BenQ 32" for example.
  12. Developer License

    Please consider offering a developer license. Many times developers want to have demo boards to show the public their products. I understand there would need to be limitations and the biggest one being other users couldn't sign up or use the board which is how it should be imo. The consideration to buy a additional license for me is taken away with the full price option. It's really hard for me to justify spending that kind of money on all applications when it's something no one will actually use because it's for demo purposes only. I would like to still see the option of being able to get a second board with that license that would be a test board also. That way we could use the test board for actual development and the main license to show the product, as license's are now. Maybe there's a way to allow 2 accounts only to use the developer edition? I say 2 because you need 2 accounts to make posts and make things happen so the software performs certain actions/functions. For example giving likes, warnings etc... All needs to be tested out for example when designing themes. Not sure, again, just a idea put out there. I was in this position of considering another license and thought maybe there were others that couldn't justify pricing for something not going to be actually used in typical fashion. I could also see where this would be beneficial to developers and IPB. Just a idea I'm throwing out there. Whether or not it;s a good idea or not I'm not sure. Thought it worth mentioning however.
  13. Graphics Card

    For sure do your research on all the new higher end cards to get a feel for what your budget will be or is now. Looking the card up will also reveal what resolutions that card does and you can also do benchmark research. Comparison research is great also, type into Google for example.... gtx960 vs gtx titan. Or if you're a amd fan... I'll skip on AMD however you can do the same for their cards also. As always both gpu and cpu are important here too.
  14. I guess I'm lost here now. Where are we setting where the contact email form is going to now? What email address is that using? Will we be able to direct the contact form to the Nexus support system in the future then maybe?
  15. If it's not about renewals then add a dismiss button! Seeing it once is enough!