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  1. ipsBox removed ?

    4.1 steps it up and how it flows is simply amazing once figured. I think I reported that inner widget padding issue into tracker yesterday btw.. Evident in several places for sure. Tremendous amount of work for designers to medium and dark skins to get up to par but it's so worth it imo.. I'm a fan of that 15px padding too @Rikki Great job.
  2. Car Fan Sickness

    I can't remember the year right off (Maybe a 65 - had 3 tail-lights on each side) my Dad had a yellow one with a black rag top, big block Impala when I was a kid. I will ask around Jack Flash. I 'll be seeing a lot of my car buddies coming up in the next couple of months. Off the top of my head, I know of 2 69's in my area that match what you want one gentleman's in a rural area outside of town and another is a girl I went to highschool with. Both are drag racers so when the points season is up at the local track there's a dinner, usually I get to see everyone at once. I'll keep in touch Sir. Regards
  3. Car Fan Sickness

    69 was the only year that didn't look like bugged out eyes for headlights were looking at you They made almost a hundred thousand units in 69, not like a Challenger or Cuda  - should be fairly easy to locate one? Now Jack I hope you can take a little ribbin here  Being a Mopar guy I had to throw something in here I got another buddy who may be looking to get rid of his 68 or 69 Shelby KR500 and get this, it's a Colorado Edition. Anyhow, Camaros are as common as water in my area. <-- another Camaro ribbin there Seriously, I have a buddy with several, he may part with one. I know ones tubbed. I did find this ad interesting  
  4. Not sure what's been decided on for corner rounding here however I noticed we've gone from 3px rounding on the apps while the sidebar is left without rounding, I've seen also recently no rounding in forum categories for example and none In the sidebar. Today we are looking at 1 px rounding and no sidebar rounding.  I'm not sure what the final outcome will be but I'll throw in my 2 cents here. I don't really care if they are rounded or straight as long as one or the other runs across everything. Half of one and half of the other isn't my preference, not sure about others. EDIT: I seen sub--navigation was added back to index... Comment below removed   Thanks
  5. Please make all the Activity Stream icons match

    Some of FA's icons (not sure which ones you're referring to here) come only in -o hand-lizard-o for example. Looking at it from the other way there's no get-pocket-o as an example.
  6. IPS4 Pages - My experience building a custom homepage

    One issue for me is databases and their pages. Putting a block into the main database index page (Category template) and having it appear on all pages related to that DB makes no sense to me. If I go to any news site they have a index page that differentiates itself from the article itself or article listings. If I go to the forum the blocks on the main forum index do not show up when you click into a forum or click to see posts. If I go to the blogs main sites page those blocks are not carried over into the rest of the pages. Same applies for every other ipb app, why should it be any different for a database? It's the same principal, I'm essentially creating a app with each database. Consistency should be considered here. Creating new templates don't cut for several reasons.Tried figuring out how to get js into my pages head so I could use a block with a simple html ahref-onclick call and get it to show. Code in block is right... Now what? Searched and searched for hours on this answer, no docs, no forum searched helped. Finally submitted a ticket and was told they could not help. I mean all I'm looking for is how to do this, I don't need help with the code... yet... Again, no docs in documentation explaining this process, or examples.IPB did however make some well needed things for 4.1 and blocks which I'm very glad to see and a couple of other things that have hampered me using content. New blocks are a big help.It really is tough not having no documentation and needing to submit a support ticket and going through that process and time. Here's to hoping we see some more documentation on pages and advanced usage...
  7. Video Embeds to Gallery

    Just a few suggestions if this is considered, I do like this idea btw- personally,Ability to both upload a video thumbnail or be able to retrieve the YouTube video screen automaticallyA Packaged video carousal block like the image blockA packaged standard Gallery block that pulls the video screens or thumbnails for front end block use.
  8. Windows 10

    I read this a couple of days ago. what kind of investment this will be Little about privacy I also read
  9. Seperate forced merge posts

    Actually, I didn't mean something elaborate, something like a half hr is more of what I meant. Like belowThis is the end of my post----------------------------------------This starts the new postDidn't mean to create such animosity towards lines with a simple suggestion... 
  10. This occurs when a user posts a reply immediately after they already replied. I may of missed this setting somewhere to shut it off or change a time limit? If not, can we look into having these options?Thank You
  11. Seperate forced merge posts

    This occurs when a user posts a reply immediately after they already replied. It would be nice to see a Horizontal rule applied here to separate the merging. Thanks
  12. Open menu links in new window

    Maybe add a checkbox field to each menu form? Thanks
  13. No matter what you think of the software, on a human level you may want to reconsider that.
  14. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    Yuuuuuuuuuuuuummy JackFlash, good stuff right there for sure. Man, now I got to dig up some pics of my buddies 68 GT500KR Colorado edition. That pic screams technology at it's finest right now. Made my day JackFlash, thank youActually I better stop, somone's gonna chew on me for hi-jacking soon enough  
  15. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    @Lindy Stock wheels couldn't keep the power to the ground