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  1. I have to agree the editor does something weird on mobile devices. iOS Chrome or Safari and I'm sure other mobiles as well. Basically when you click/touch to type the page gets wider and the page zooms in on the editor thus making the page be able to scroll left and right instead of being a fixed width. This is really annoying it would be like trying to use a desktop site on mobile constantly zooming and moving the page around as it's not a fixed width. (not sure how to explain that properly)
  2. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Can we get a list of changes/fixes in 3.4.8 ? Mentions security, has there been more security fixes in 3.4.8 that we don't have in 3.4.7 I'm wondering how important this update is ? Thanks 
  3. Ticket 914522

    ​I'm not seeing the tick box at all either.
  4. Custom Moderator Team Page

    ​Working for me
  5. Better Options for Exporting Purchases

    ​Link doesn't appear to work anymore. Send you a PM
  6. iCredits

    Press the "Get Support" button above. The author is replying to issues daily in the support thread.​
  7. I've asked this before and did not receive an answer I'd still love to know if this is possible with 3.4.7 ?Question:Option in the editor "paste as plain text" in IP.Suite 4.0 is there is way to enable this for all members ?Would also like to know how I can change mass change this in 3.4.7. Members tend to paste from websites and this really makes post look ugly. Thanks! 
  8. Retina display gets no love ?

    Thank you I will do that.
  9. Hi,Retina displays have existed for a few years now, but the editor icons still look pixelated... Macbook Pro and iPhone  ckeditor isn that not what's being used here, that has supported retina since 2013.And these emoticons look nasty they are so damn small. Will these be updated with higher quality images ?Thanks
  10. iCredits

    Wonderful feature rich application. Dev gives great support!
  11. IPB twitterer

    Wonderful application and great support to go along with it. My initial review wasn't the best, this 2.0 update has a much better feature set and appears to be working perfect. In the past I had to use a service (which was quite delayed) to post IP.Blogs to twitter, with this it's almost instant.   If you are looking to tweet threads, blogs etc I highyl recommend this application and if you have any troubles the dev is willing to help at no extra charge.    Thanks again!
  12. Last question, I swear.

    Could this be what you are looking for ?
  13. ShoutBox Bot!

    Just letting everyone know that the mod works with IP.Board 3.4.3 and Shoutbox 1.4.1
  14. ProMenu Plus

    Wonderful app, beyond wonderful support. These guys are great. If you need a menu app I highly suggest this one :)
  15. IP.Nexus integration with the bulk mailer

    I'd like to see the ability to separate the outgoing email board vs nexus, have a different email for the board and nexus :)    Hope you consider this.