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  1. Same here. I agree that things have moved backwards a bit though.
  2. CKE Editor and why?

    Yeah I really wish that I could just turn RTE off, since I personally don't like it at all, without losing everything and having to type it out manually.
  3. next stop... college

  4. 4 days until I graduate highschool!

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    2. JahLion


      My son graduated last year and now in collage

    3. ♥ Adam ♠

      ♥ Adam ♠


    4. Gamerboy59


      the real life beginns now, good luck ;)

  5. Is IPS hosting having a problem? My site is down :(

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    2. TheRevTastic


      @Charles, He's angry because I told him hints are sometimes given out on twitter etc about products and not here.

    3. Olivier Turbis
    4. Noles


      Better now. I don't use facebook/twitter sorry lol

  6. “If time is money, I’m an hour past paid.” - Lil Wayne

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      brandon will love that

  7. Announcements Forum

    Agreed, but not really a big deal.
  8. No. 23 Florida State Flattens No. 13 Miami, 45-17

  9. SAT coming up :(

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    2. xCurlyx


      same here

    3. .Ian


      comes after FRI every week :)

    4. Noles


      I got a 1550 the first time with Math and all the English sections as well as the essay. Hopefully anything above that.

  10. Ability to EDIT Members Status Updates

    I don't usually need to edit other's updates, but I know for my own I sometimes forget to add something and would love to easily edit it in instead of deleting/making a new one. :thumbsup:
  11. Tornado warning in VA!