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  1. Migration from Joomla

    Hello. I'm interested to know if is possible to import Joomla article in FORUM, not in IP.Content (even if i will use IP.Conntent to create dinamic pages) Thanks
  2. Version 1.0


    In zip file installation instruction in italian language     thanks to all users: Skillman, Askancy, Gianpiero, Bipolare, Studio154, Napolentone and all other contributors  


  3. Lock support topic on file deletion

    yes good
  4. IPB4, please use old language pack

    untouched no, but maybe not completly different ;)
  5. A request from all non-English community. To avoid redoing the entire translation, please continue to use the old language pack (used in ipb3.4). thanks
  6. (ITA) Traduzione "Aiuto"

    Thanks :)
  7. Quiz System

    3 suggestions   1) random display order for questions and random order display for answer 2) pdf certificate downloadable for user that complete a quiz 3) ability to import question with a txt file like Question: [Question 1 text] Choice: [Choice 1 text] Choice: [Choice 2 text] Choice: [Choice 3 text] Correct: [correct choices, comma-separated] (e.g. 1 or 1,3,5) Points: [Point value] Question: [Question 2 text] Choice: [Choice 1 text] Choice: [Choice 2 text] Correct: [correct choices, comma-separated] (e.g. 1 or 3,5,7) ...
  8. List of sites / pages done using CCS
  9. (DP33) Forum 18+

    i think this is an error..... ;)
  10. Guest article's comment

    ok, thanks :)
  11. Guest article's comment

    I have set correct permission but guest cannot comment in articles. It's normal?
  12. Perfavore, leggi il mio messaggi!

  13. IPS QA TEAM ?

    ok thanks. maybe better to put a little link as contributor badge ;)
  14. IPS QA TEAM ?

    what is this? :)