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  1. Oh you may also want to check out this thread. Looks like I'm not alone!
  2. Okay on my account I see the same as you: However at the top of the 'live' page I see: But I if I click on the 'account eligibility' I get: If I expand that I get: When I contacted PayPal I was told I had to upgrade to a paid business account to get that facility.   I've just asked PayPal support: Will see what they come back with!
  3. Okay if that is now possible can you please advise how you configured IPS4 and PyPal to allow you to do that?
  4. Guys any help appreciated. I've just bought a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter which works great with my Lumia 930 phone, however I also want to be able to cast to it using my desktop PC so I need a Wi-Fi adaptor to use with that machine. I've tried a 4 year old Linksys USB Wi-Fi adaptor I have but that can't see the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (or my lads X-Box one). So I'm looking for a suitable Wi-Fi adaptor which will work (preferably USB) with the PC. The PC meets the rest of the requirements for WiDi/Miracast, being a new machine using a ASUS Hero Maximus VII motherboard with an Intel Core i7-4790K CPU and a Nvidia 980 graphics card. All  need is a viable Wi-Fi adaptor to add into the mix. Netgear support have basically admitted they have no idea what Miracast is, and so far Linksys support are not responding. So I'm hoping that somebody online here may have had the same requirement (long shot).  
  5. That is the old API system which IPS4 no longer supports 3xcept via the legacy gateway.
  6. Right, this is where we get crossed wires, the issue is with 'Paypal Subscriptions', that is automatically repeated payments and that does require the Paid Business Account Thanks for confirming @MastricX
  7. Okay I'm just sharing what PayPal and Invision Support told me. @Lindy can you or one of the team please jump in here and clarify the situation once and for all, or maybe write a FAQ on it?
  8. There are two levels of business account evidently. When I spoke to PayPal about the IPS4.x gateways they told me that only the chargeable business accounts supported the new API that IPS4 uses. I'd be very happy to be proven wrong! But that was what I was told after a long (two week) exchange of messages between myself and Invision Support and PayPal.
  9. I'll have to join in here alas concerning the YouTube embedding issue.
  10. Thanks Lindy, appreciated.
  11. Seconded 100%, Expanded view is too 'woolley' and shows too much initial information.
  12. Indeed, I agree. @Lindy I second the request.
  13. So in theory IPS could easily add a setting to allow you to set the initial default.