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  1. What is the point of activity stream?

    Ditto here, no corruption.
  2. What is the point of activity stream?

    The issues I have are: Lack of pagination (slight annoyance) 'Load more activity' being displayed at the 'end' of the stream, when you hit it you get 'There's no more activity to display ', if at the end of a loop with less that the loop internal quantity to display surely it should display that immediately at the end of that data segment without the user having to click on the button again only to display the message? (feels unfinished) [This site] Charles posted a blog entry.... (major annoyance which seems to be being overlooked) Unread Content links take you to the first page of the thread instead of the last read or new comment of the thread. (major annoyance - which I know is under investigation / consideration ) You did ask.....
  3. Commerce Subscriptions need to be desperately simplified

    A lot of us are in the same boat, I've lost a high percentage of my subscribers.
  4. PayPal Subscriptions in Nexus for 4.0

    That is very good new @Lindy thanks for the update.
  5. PayPal Subscriptions in Nexus for 4.0

    Subscription payments can be made but they will have to manually pay an invoice which is generated each month.
  6. PayPal Subscriptions in Nexus for 4.0

    No work around for new subscriptions yet (IPS have advised they are going to revisit this - Q1 next year?). In the interim the PayPal legacy gateway which IPS have made available allows existent Subscriptions to be processed. However if a user breaks or cancels that subscription you can't restart it. There are other options like Stripe for handling credit cards, but that means going for the expense of using SSL and persuading users that credit card payments can be trusted via the forum software. So far I've lost around 30% of my subscribers and no new take ups have been forthcoming. The users do not trust Stripe so that and SSL (which we can't afford) are not options for us.
  7. PayPal Subscriptions in Nexus for 4.0

    It does not support automatic renewing PayPal subscriptions at this time. I've been through this loop twice now with IPS and PayPal and it MAY work if you use a paid business class PayPal account. PayPal tell me that a 'Pro' account is needed to handle subscriptions, that is repeat payments. IPS are supposedly looking into supporting repeat PayPal processing in the future.
  8. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Here we go with mine: http://www.smartphonegurus.com/forums/index.html/ Just about happy with it now
  9. I thought you could use any SSL cert? Unless you are IPS hosted.
  10. That is what my investigations turned up. Others seem to have more luck with PayPal.
  11. Commerce Subscriptions need to be desperately simplified

    Add my voice to this too!
  12. Very good news, thanks @Lindy, that is assuming that does mean repeat payment of Subscriptions?
  13. I'm now giving up completely on getting this enabled with PayPal as the latest I have had from one of the supervisors is: I've gone back and told them I've given up on the idea, it's just too painful a process and I've got better things to waste my time with!
  14. I just wish I could get PayPal to enable the Future Payment option, nobody at their end seems to know how to get it enabled.