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  1. Feature: Facebook Like hook also to blog

    yes yes yes
  2. Mobile Skin Now Online

    Awesome :thumbsup:
  3. there are some members on this who i laugh at everyday :-}}

  4. i love preview topic feature. helps great.

  5. yikes view new content not working :/

  6. you can expect 3.1 anytime now my wife just said.

    1. Matt


      She was correct. :)

  7. I'm not so sure about that. If you can show me some hard facts that prove PayPal are prejudice against your country, then I will apologize directly to you in the thread in front of the entire IPS forums.

  8. you would feel the same way as i do, if your country was banned by paypal too.

  9. One of the worst things about support here

    I will start praising you if you update your Twitter as often as matt does. :rolleyes:
  10. One of the worst things about support here

    :blink: what does this thread have to do with 'support' here .... As matt said, and i hope too that there will be improved search in 3.1 which i guess would be released on :ph34r:
  11. Which IP product will allow me to post news?

    I have the blog addon, and i just realized what i actually needed is IP Content, since I only wanted forum admin/mods to create articles, anyway, my forum is also in the root, if i install IP content, would the root of my site become the IP content ? also i checked the demo of IP content, there is no Forum tab there ? How do i let visitor know that this site has a forum too ? also can guest leave comments on articles ?
  12. Why do people overreact/exaggerate Online ? and you are getting negative rep here, because people didn't like you insulting the product that they believe is more than awesome. :wub: If you notice i already have a license, i was just being sarcastic, and just trying to make you realize, that something that you might consider not worthy might be useful for so many others.
  13. Wait for Charles or Matt then. :whistle: and don't worry i would make a good use of your IPB lic. you have no idea how some people love IPB here and i am one of them. :wub:
  14. Give me your license i am waiting. thanks. (w00t) @Rikki please confirm your response is an official one :devil:
  15. when i shutdown my laptop it keeps rebooting and shutting down... does not start windows just restart -> Bios -> Shutdown -> restart-> until i manually shut it down by pressing the shut down button for several secs. :ermm: it usually happens when it's been ON for several hours like 3 to 5 hours, otherwise it shuts down normally... what could be possible reason for that and how to fix that ..... so far i can't figure either this is software related issue or hardware, appreciate your help it's HP 530 with Windows XP