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  1. Switched to 4.1

      @Ugur Kaya The site you posted looks like it's running on xenForo. Did you end up switching back? If so, why? I've been thinking of switching from xenForo to IPB because of the CMS. I'm very interested to hear about your experience in switching.
  2. I'd love to see an option to add a custom class to menus (and menu items) in the nav. This would allow us to easily target a specific nav item and style it differently from the others. Very helpful if you'd like a specific nav item to stand out (such as a donate button). It looks like this is possible in the desktop view, but not on mobile.
  3. Does the 4.1 suite offer Template Modifications similar to what xenForo has? I'm not talking about actually editing the code within templates, but rather the ability to dynamically alter the templates as described here.
  4. How do members delete their accounts?

    ​I don't know anything about it from a legal standpoint, but maybe the forum owner could write this into the site's terms of service?
  5. How do members delete their accounts?

    Personally, I like the idea of people being able to delete their own accounts. It would be nice to have a built-in delay (maybe 7 days) between when the request is made and permanent account deletion takes place. This would allow someone to change their mind and "reclaim" their account. Sometimes people get in a huff and want to delete, but change their mind a couple days over when things blow over.
  6. Pagination

    This is important to me as well.
  7. Installation for testing?

    Great! Thanks, Morpheus NS!
  8. Installation for testing?

    I'm trying to install a second instance of the suite (in a password protected "test" directory) for testing and development (rather than doing this on a live site). When I enter my license number, it tells me I already have an installation with this license and won't let me continue. Should this directory be named something else to recognize it's a testing install? How should I proceed?
  9. Content - relational database fields

    Thanks for your quick response, Charles.
  10.  @Matt mentioned at that relational database fields will be available in a near-future release. Can someone from IPS please clarify if this will be in the final 4.0, or if we'll have to wait for 4.x?
  11. Pages Pre-release 3

    ​I'd love to know this as well.
  12. Broken images in theme editor?

    Good to know you have a ticket in. I'm sure IPS will take a look at it and correct the issue. Mine was a fresh install. The broken images are on both my themes -- the default theme and a newly created custom theme.  
  13. Search improvements - suggestion

    I'd like to suggest an option to make forum search results expandable per topic in 4.0. Currently when we do a search, all topics and responses are listed together and there are potentially dozens of post entries for each topic. Most times you can tell by the topic title if it's not what you're looking for, but still need to scroll through all the results for that topic. It would be ideal if responses were grouped by topic -- maybe with an arrow icon that allowed the user to expand results for that topic if it was a good match.
  14. Broken images in theme editor?

    I'm running the latest beta and am seeing all broken images in the theme editor. I checked the image file permissions and they seem to be correct. Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas on how to correct it?  
  15. Upgrading IP.Content

    Great! Thanks, guys!