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  1. Skin Generator Service

    the Skin Generator page isnt loading for me.. is anyone else able to access?
  2. Downloads expired

    Michael, i understand your point and to some extent i agree.... But in the interest of customers, maybe the less complex bugs should be fixed before software is released. With respect it seems its an excuse to say all software is buggy then expect the customer to not have bug fixes made available for free.
  3. Downloads expired

    anyone else feel the same way.. I log into my client area today to download the latest IP.Gallery to ensure the bugs are ironed on the latest install only to find our download has expired. So, unless i re-new my Gallery licence im having to stick with the bugs in the current release! im not complaining about the fee or having to re-nw but why isn't software that has bugs not being made available for download at least? I don't mind re-newing to gain extra features but the bug fixes should be made available for download for that particular software, even if your licence has expired... I love IP software and will continue to use it moving forward but makes me feel like im being taken for a ride.. I want to ensure i have bug free software that works 100% even if my licence has expired and im unable to download the latest release. grrrr hope that makes sence.. rant over
  4. IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Global Changes

    Why isnt 2CheckOut available for version 1.2.2? this was being requested months ago and im sure could have been intergrated within 1.2.2
  5. Nexus full features list

    So you would buy a car just by reading the spec? id want to test drive the car first!
  6. IP.Nexus audio preview player! WANTED!! :D

    1. .Peter


      and image preview.

    2. Gros Blaireau
    3. #AC


      Would be cool.

  7. Nexus full features list

    have you tried the demo? also, what questions do you have??
  8. Nexus full features list

    Nexus Features - I'd suggest requesting a demo, then you get to test the features. Demo Request- >
  9. make mine an Espresso Macchiato!

  10. Free and Paid Downloads

    I like the idea of offering a donation download feature - offer an option for members to donate an amount of choice. Leaving the author to choose a minimum donation amount, that way some may give more or less. Either way you get something back without forcing a price. business model web 2.0 :cool:
  11. IP.Blog access to subscribers only

    Yes - You have the option to set group access to IP.Blogs via the member group permission settings.. You can use IP.Subscriptions or IP.Nexus to sell the subscription packages and then set group permissions who have access once paid... Hope that helps
  12. Favourite Phone App

    my top three apps for the iPhone are; Instagram Hiptamatic Swankolab :thumbsup:
  13. Suggestion for a feature in IP.Downloads

    an MP3 player in IP.Downloads for previewing audio files would be awesome! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  14. How - adding ad packages to store front

    thanks Ian, thought i was going mad.. I would like to see the next release of Nexus include a "client area" link within the store itself.. Or at least make it easier for customers to locate their store accounts. How would i go about renaming the client area link in the drop down? apprecaite your help :thumbsup: