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  1. Users experiences

    What would you like to know from us users? There are many tales to tell :D
  2. What to get?

    Why IPB? Flexible Permissions Control exactly who can access what, with incredible precision. Encourage Interaction Drive user interaction with profiles, statuses, personal conversations & more. Painless Moderation A wealth of moderator tools make it easy to deal with troublemakers. Fully Brandable Powerful customization tools enable you to entirely rebrand IP.Board. Secure We work hard to ensure IP.Board keeps your users & data secure. Developer Friendly Extend built-in capabilities using IP.Board's development toolset. Those are just some key points to why ipb is a lot better than other forum software, like phpBB and vBulletin. The only person who can choose is you, but after my research when I was in your position I went with IPB, and I do not look back. I would strongly recommend you becoming a IPS customer rather than other software. Check out this page http://www.invisionpower.com/products/board/features/ To also see if its right for you , you can check out the product demo. http://www.invisionpower.com/suite/demo.php Hope this helps you come to a conclusion.
  3. Specific Nexus / iPB questions

    You can easily create a subscription package with Nexus, this allows you to sell subscription memberships to your community, giving users access to areas and features that are exclusive to subscribers. You get six months free support and upgrades when you first purchase nexus and then at the end of the six months you will get the option to renew which is thirty five dollars, you can renew at any time. The new like function that you read about is being released within the Invision Power Board 3.2 community software. Hope that helped, and from personal use nexus is well worth the money. Arron
  4. Idea

    I think that would be a tad too much like facebook :lol: but I like the idea so I am up for it.
  5. What would you like for v3.2?

    Social groups & More 'per group' control over profiles (about me, contact info, etc). One more thing which is not added on here is the ability to make group permissions so a select group has the option to change their member title instead of the amount of posts a certain member has before they change it. This is good for subscription groups who pay for memberships.
  6. Se7ensins.com Admincommunity.com Divanix.net Neowin.net
  7. The IPB Blog

    Ok thanks everyone. >_<
  8. The IPB Blog

    I am a customer to you already but I want to know if the blog app is any good. Could you tell me a little more about it please. Thanks :thumbsup: