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  1. IP.Board 3.2.0: Front-end Changes Afoot

    Will the frontpage option be "easier" for non programmers to customize ? :rolleyes:
  2. Happy Holidays to the Fabulous IPB people :)

  3. Merry Christmas to the fabulous IPB people :)

  4. Allow members to sell through the store

    This definitely needs to be added to upgraded version of Nexus. :)
  5. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Guest Checkout

    Mark ... we need a member based marketplace feature asap. Thanks. :)
  6. IP.Chat 1.2.0 Dev Update: It's the Little Things That Matter

    Any plans to go eventually go into cam chats ? :rolleyes:
  7. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Mass Payments

    nice :)
  8. Looking to hire for IP.Content work - Anybody available ?

    1. Claudia999


      I'm interested in an IP.Content worker too

    2. .Peter


      PM Me both.

  9. When will IPB give us a Nexus with a member marketplace like we have here ? :)
  10. Forum Store ?

    A forum member marketplace HAS to be included in a future Nexus ... its the perfect evolution for Nexus and would solidify IPBs leadership :)
  11. Forum Store ?

    This is a must :)
  12. How do I purchase Nexus?

    Mark what about Nexus on the hosted package ?
  13. IP content and Portal unhappiness

    I went through the same thing ... this is another example of why forums are lagging way behind in the Formula One race ... this is coding for mechanics instead of software for the drivers ... Facebook programs for the drivers. :ermm:
  14. Advertising - Different advertiser per forum

    I like this suggestion. :rolleyes: