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  1. mistera added a post in a topic Je peux pas Télécharger Board Index Face 2.0.5 !   

    SkyFox ask why he can't download (DDK33) Board Index Face 2.0.5.

    @SkyFox, you need to have an active licence in order to be authorized to download resources from Marketplace / Tu dois avoir une licence active pour pouvoir télécharger du contenu dans le Marketplace.
  2. mistera added a comment on a file (NB34) Enhanced IP.Blog Notifications   

    very usefull ! thanks
  3. mistera added a comment on a file Mailchimp Integration   

    Great ! 
  4. mistera added a comment on a file Mailchimp Integration   

    Hello !
    I think i've same question.
    I use mailchimp so i've already lists and users. What happens exactly for members who are already in my mailchimp lists ?
  5. mistera added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Great company, great software

    Just want to say how many i like ipboard !

    I don't want to compare company, i'm just really happy to have move for ipboard since 2 years ago !

    No major issue, very fast support team (even with third party bug), regular update, no secure problem, all i need to put online content (ipgallery, board, blog, ipcontent ... )

    The marketplace is pretty cool too ! great app, hook and skins.

    So I wanted to thank the team for all that work :thumbsup:

    We often hear the grinchs customers, not enough the happy customers :tongue:

    Merry christmas and keep doing such a great working here :sorcerer:
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  6. mistera added a post in a topic Locked out of support forums?   


    I will submit a support request.
    I've two licences : only one has expired
  7. mistera added a post in a topic Locked out of support forums?   

    Yep, me too !
  8. mistera added a post in a topic French IBP   

    French translation exist, just search ipboard in google, you will find french forum easily with translation for forum, ipcontent, gallery, ipdownload, etc. :)
  9. mistera added a post in a topic converting vb with some mods   


    few answers :

    4-After conversion, you have to reset all forum permissions for your groups. It's not too painful..

    2-I think you can forget AME, youtube is already supported so just not forget to revert AME tags from you forum before conversion (if you not, your video will be display but surrounded by AME tags, i've experienced that). For VIMEO, add mediabbcode

    For specific third party, just email IPBstaff. I was in the same case, with AWC subscription application. I have send email to IPB and for extra cost, they have build a special convertor in order to get all my subscription into IPNexus :D It's not a cheap service but if you really need that, it's a solution !

    Contact them !
  10. mistera added a file in Language Packs   

    IP.Nexus - French Language Pack vV 1.1.2
    Ce fichier contient la traduction de la partie publique d'IPNexus. J'ai effectué cette traduction pour mes propres besoins. Elle peut servir de base de départ pour d'autres personnes qui voudraient adapter le fichier à leurs besoins.

    Maj: mise à jour du fichier pour la version 1.1.2 de Nexus
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