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  1. Yes thank you .... deleting a single picture would be highly appreciated  
  2. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    What vendor is the winner ?
  3. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    Will in interfer with 3th party tools like google adsense ?
  4. Should I wait for IPS CDN or go for MAXCDN ? How is IPS CDN work with google adsense ? Does it interfer with 3th party ?
  5. putty2

    From the album error message

  6. putty

    From the album error message

  7. 1234aaasss2 Newest Member (lol )

  8. Look guys ... I was suppriced and jumped a bit to early. You can delete my posts if you like. I'm glad it is all sorted out, you are humans also, and humans make mistakes.
  9. Okay ... I have a reactive button now also. few minutes ago there was none. I'm only interested in the forum and the Gallery, its all ok now. man you guys scared the faeces out of me I always pay my updates
  10. Yeah but a few years ago I orderd a FULL suite , now it is a suite with only 20% in it Its like buying a car with Full option and after 3 years they come at your door and remove the seats and windows unless you pay for it ... but I did pay for it, remmeber I payed for the complete car Do'h
  11. You have to re-purchase $65 for the Gallery after all those years. Really starting to think ....its time for something else This is no way of treating a customer
  12. The Gallery ... What the ...

    Sorry ... but I was shocked :) Mail send
  13. The Gallery ... What the ...

    I purchase years ago the Suite bundle , now I see the following. Is te IP.Gallery being sols seperate ? and what will the price be ? I don't understand , you buy a liftime bundle and then apps needs seperate payment IP.Gallery (Legacy: Bundle) (Canceled) Purchased01 Oct 2009
  14. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    This is just GREAT !! Good Support ! Thank You.
  15. Mobile Skin / Board - what's the future plans?

    Found it but I do get a PHP error message when saving