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  1. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    Thanks! We've received quite a bit of feedback from beta testers. We're going back to the table and hopefully we'll have something ready by the time V5 is released 
  2. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    Yup! Pace is going slower than we would like, but we're making progress and hope to have our products out by the end of summer.
  3. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    Agreed. We wouldn't have apps if responsive pages or apps wi
  4. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    The plan is to support Windows once we have a stable iOS and Android release.
  5. (M34) Videos System

    Ditto on the excellent customer support! Happy to hear it's been released for IPB 4. 
  6. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    1. You can provide us with a color scheme you'd like to use in order to match your site.2. It's free for 1 year for all beta testers. After that point, it's going to be $29.99 per month for iOS and Android. We plan on charging a small fee for any additional plugins.
  7. Google Mobile-Friendly IPB

    WIm,What Google changes are you referring to please? I tested on our end and don't see any issues whatsoever. Do you have this file installed on your site?
  8. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    PM me if you're interested in joining our beta and we'll provide your community with custom iOS and Android apps.
  9. Google Mobile-Friendly IPB

    Version 1.0.0


    By default, IPB 3.4.x is not properly recognized by Google as mobile-friendly. Improve your score by installing this hook.The hook implements the solution as described in this knowledgebase article (, however, it ensures that these changes will be properly re-applied with every application update.


  10. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    We're not offering "just a plugin." You can't compare "responsive" web design to mobile (iOS and Android) apps. It’s a difficult choice to make since both options present advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration. Responsive Web design is certainly the most "affordable" option for some business's as compared to the development of a mobile app. That's where we come in and level the playing field by making inexpensive yet custom, white label apps based around IPB. A mobile app will provide users with unique functionality and speed that can’t be achieved with a responsive website. 
  11. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    Still have a few more spots available for free iOS and Android app beta testing. Please PM me if you're interested.
  12. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    Really appreciate all the responses. We still have a few more spots available for beta testing. To clarify a few things that were mentioned privately.......You're able to run TapaTalk simultaneously while testing our iOS and Android app.  Additionally, immediately after public release we plan on getting out more of the IPB components (starting with Blog and then Articles).
  13. I'm happy to finally announce the (beta) launch of ForumMob!Welcome to Forum Mob, the white label mobile app solution for IPB forum owners. Get your forum up and running within minutes to promote your active community. These are just some of the features you can expect.Customization – Customize the look of your forum with themes of your choice, and choose your preferred settings such as user profile visibility.User engagement – Keep users coming back with options such as automatic notifications of new posts, organization of unseen content for each user, and recognition of active users.Communication – Users can post discussions, polls, and videos effortlessly from their mobile devices.The administrative options in ForumMob make it easy to keep your forum running smoothly.Ability to track troublesome users and impose sanctions such as moderator approval before posting or banning from the boards.Simple one-step option for users to report objectionable content to moderators.Automatic logs of site errors.Standard security protections.We're looking for a few beta testers. Please PM me if you're interested in being part of our beta launch! We would prefer to work with active forums. If you're accepted into the beta phase, please go through the following steps and requirements so you can get your forum customized and running as soon as possible.You must be running v3.4 of IPB. We do not currently support v4.Send the following information about the forum:Forum NameForum URLSend us icons for the app and for the splash screen.For iOS, see We need the first 3 rows for the first 3 columns on that table (app icon and launch file for the iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, iPhon 6 Plus)For Android, see (just the "launcher" section)There is a good guide to creating a splash screen here: Another helpful site to look at:, which can help generate the images in all the required sizes.Since this is a beta version, we are still ironing out the wrinkles. We ask that you set up a designated forum (on your site) where users can post their feedback on the app. This way, we can monitor the forum and handle issues more efficiently.Beta testers must take care of their own app store accounts. Before you get your Forum Mob app, we will send you the server component, which you will install on the server. We can't make the build until that piece is done.Thanks for trying Forum Mob!
  14. Headstand Consulting

    We've been working with Esther since 2011.  She's hands down the best IPB dev we've ever worked with. I've worked with hundreds of developers over the years on hundreds of projects.  She gets the job done professionally and in a timely fashion, yet she's still very reasonably priced.