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  1. Expired license reactivation

    Hi,  Your license is not version specific, that means if you reactivate (renew) the license, you will have access to the latest version of the IP. Suite, and any further releases as long as they are within your active license period.
  2. Conversion tools

    Hi, You don't need to wait for an IPS 4.x converter - you can convert from phpBB 2.x to IPS 3.x using the existing free converter tool for 3.x. It is well-tested and stable meaning your conversion should be issue-free. After the conversion, you simply upload the IPS 4.x files and upgrade your installation to 4.x. You can check what data can be converted by following this link:  OR you could certainly wait for a 4.x converter. According to Rhett it is coming out "soon".   
  3. From phpBB to IP board

    Hi, At this moment, if you want to convert form phpBB 3 to IPB, you would need first to convert to the 3.x series using the free converter app, and then upgrade to IPS4 which is the newest version of the IP. Suite. The conversion is mostly straightforward, involving installing the converter app, connecting to the source database, running the conversion through the converter UI and setting up redirections scripts to redirect users from the old phpBB links to the IPB links. If you wish to read about this process in more detail, please visit the documentation article located here: Additionaly, you can check what is converted by visiting  Regarding licensing, one license is valid only for one live forum, meaning if you wish to convert three forums to IPB, you would need 3 licenses. You cannot use a single license for multiple forums. This is a standard practice for most paid forum solutions out there.   
  4. Search

    In 4.0 and downwards Sphinx has been supported. However, as announced in the 4.1 preview blog entry (, Sphinx support is being dropped in 4.1 and IPS is evaluating other solutions.
  5. Bugs are reported here ->  
  6. more than one Chatrooms

    There was a 'Feature Plan' page previously which outlined the IPS plans to release an updated IP.Chat with multiple rooms:
  7. Where is the bug tracker?

    Well, it would be helpful if we could have read-only access. 
  8. Suggestions

    Keywords: individual topics. 
  9. User Names / Display Names

    You can decide in the Admin CP.  
  11. Seems like this is now implemented (the arrows).  
  12. Own a license, can I get hosting?

    Hi, I believe if you use your self-hosted license on your cloud plan, you will have the source code editing limit lifted. Other restrictions, such as online users, space given, etc are intact. 
  13. Hi, In order to get access to 4.x branch you only need to renew your license, you do not need to purchase a separate license for 4.x.  
  14. IP Nexus

    Hi, This is currently not possible, but is a planned feature. Check out the feature plan: (click on Physical Products Marketplace tile).
  15. v3.x & v4 + NGINX

    ​You are posting in the pre-sales question forum, which is not meant for support. As you are a client, the correct forum for 4.x technical support is: