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  1. IPB twitterer

    Hello It's not I'm not responding. I'm away until Nov 15th. Once I'm back I'll devote time for this. I'm sorry I couldn't deliver on my previous promise. Regards
  2. IPB twitterer

    I'm working on it, but to be honest with you, not full-time. The product is not about publishing only, it has embedded tweets, twitter cards. etc.I already have a deadline for myself that this shouldn't exceed beyond September. was already upgraded to 4.0 a while ago.Regards
  3. Please check your private messages

  4. 4.0 - Moderation Part 1: Setting up moderators

    I see that you are using flat design, but the text boxes are 3D (inner shadow).
  5. IPB twitterer

    A new version has been posted.
  6. Two-step Authentication for IPB

    Version 1.0.2


    I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of the Two-step Authentication for IPB on and IPS Marketplace. Two-step authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to your website, you will need to enter both your password and also a six-digit one-time security code generated by Google Authenticator on your mobile, or by other similar mobile applications. We took the time to prepare a video that explains everything about the app: Feel free to create an account at and try to use this new app. Compatibility: The app has been designed and tested for IPB 3.4.6. It's not tested for older versions, but it could be compatible though, especially for IPB 3.4.x It works with the following Authenticators: [*]Google Authenticator [*]Duo Mobile [*]Amazon AWS MFA [*]Authenticator The initial price is $17.5 for 6 months. The subscription can be renewed for $6 for another 6 months if and when you feel that you need to install the future updates and upgrades. Credits: We are using PHPGangstas GoogleAuthenticator which is Licensed under the BSD License. Custom work: Do you need custom work for your IP.Board? please feel free to contact me. Pricing:


  7. 4.0 Developer Center - Database Schema Management

    Very nice btw.
  8. 4.0 Developer Center - Database Schema Management

    Be careful IPS, the colors in the pictures above are so vBulletin 3!!!
  9. IPB twitterer

    HelloA small bug was discovered in IPB twitterer 1.2.1, we release this version 1.2.2 to fix this bug. We've redistributed this version as a free upgrade to all of our customers again.If you didn't get it in your email, please contact me.Regards
  10. IPB twitterer

    We know that we've been very very slow at developing this product. Please accept our apology as we are undergoing very tough circumstances in Syria, and to make it up to you, all of our customers here and at IPS Marketplace will receive the 1.2.1 upgrade version regardless of their license status (expired or currently active), you will receive an email from us shortly.If your license is expired, you won't be able to download it, but we've already sent it to all of our customers, if you didn't get it, please contact me to have it delivered to you.
  11. IPB twitterer

    You can download the version 1.2.0 which is compatible with IP.Board 3.2 Regards
  12. Library Hooks (Kernel)

    I second this request, we really need to extend this library.
  13. Happy New Year IPB community

  14. Redirec user to thank you page

    Hello A friend purchased through in mu website. He's feedback was that after he paid, he didn't get redirected to the website!